Saturday, March 3, 2012

Status update of HUFF-WATCH


I put HUFF-WATCH in hiatus in September 2011, due primarily to a medical situation I faced. During the interim, we've been developing a new idea on how to raise public awareness of HuffPost's
pathological, inflammatory lies about, and incitement against the U.S. military, Israel and Jews, the Tea Party and conservatives - on a much broader scale.

To all those who've emailed in asking about what happened, and expressing good wishes, thank you. I hope to have another update soon, that will lay out what we're doing, and how you can help.

Unfortunately, the comment-moderation system was left on auto-publish - meaning that comments submitted were automatically posted, once the visitor proved they're not a robot.

While some of these comments were benevolent, many weren't.

Apparently, a number of (new) stalkers and threateners have decided to obsess over this site - even though it's been in stasis for half a year. For a sampling, see the dozens of comments that appear at the bottom of
this thread - the last post that was published in September 2011.

The general, disturbed theme is that
someone named "Beej" is behind this site, and they are determined to "get" him. (We know of at least three conservatives who enjoy baiting maniacs on HuffPost as "Beej"; there may be more). They claim they know who this person is in real life, then root out information about him, then post it in a threatening manner. They then realize that they were incorrect, and root out another person's personal information, and begin the process all over again. And they've been doing it to a dormant site for six months.

What kind of people do this? The same type that HuffPost has been enabling, emboldening and protecting to engage in these kinds of stalking and threat campaigns for five years. Including against HUFF-WATCH, us personally, our children, and even our pets. (See this special report, and "HuffPost user threats and urgings of violence" at the lower right on the front page.)

They are cowards, which is why they are radical leftists. They think they can stalk, harass and threaten with impunity, because they don't have to face their victims; they do it behind (what they think is) the anonymity of their darkened rooms.

The good part is that, thanks to SiteMeter, these maniacs automatically leave all sorts of very useful tracking data about themselves and their locations, etc., down to their operating systems and screen resolutions. For example, did you know that thanks to the GPS function of SiteMeter, we can actually view the street-level view of these maniacs' locations? Take a look, using Google's Street View of AOLHP's headquarters. Take the little yellow man at the left of the map, drag him down onto E. 9th St., by the red arrow, and voila!

Idiots. Cowards.

All of which, of course, we've been tracking, and will make good (lawful) use of, when the time is right.

And with fun and flair, as our dear friend Andrew would have wanted it. :)

Addendum 1: Another stalker sneaks through; wanna see the house he lives in?

Just before I turned the comment-posting status from "Auto-Post" to "Full Moderation" (meaning no comments will get posted again until I or a HUFF-WATCH colleague approves them), one of the stalkers snuck in with another stalking-type "comment." In this case, he indicates he's getting information on "Beejes" directly from HuffPost itself (wouldn't be the first time). Let's take a look at how helpful SiteMeter is:

Here's the visit data screen. Note the "Comment #" at the bottom of the screen. I've blocked out the full IP address and GPS data, but...

... here's what the location looks like in a zoomed-in Google GPS window; the stalker is posting from his work location at the "sign" shop (I blacked out the name), in Warren, MI:

And here's the comment that the stalker left (note the Comment # at the bottom of the frame; the time discrepancy is because Google/Blogger times are PST, whereas SiteMeter is EST):

Try it yourself: Go to the bottom of
this page, and hover your cursor over the last comment's date stamp; you'll see what I mean.

Here's what else we know about this stalker: He attends or works at Grand Valley State University, and lives in this house, in Grand Rapids, MI:

Wanna keep playing, stalkers?
By all means.

And that's just the data we have on only one of the three that have been persistently leaving such messages here. We have even more extensive information on one of the others (Southern California). We also know they recently created a separate website to facilitate their stalking campaign against this site, and whoever they allege is "Beej."

Hey, stalkers: You're aware that threatening anyone over the Internet is a felony, right? As is telling them that if they don't do or stop doing something, that harm will come to them, or family, or pets or their property (eg website)? And that using a website under one's control to facilitate stalking campaigns is also a felony? (We've already had extensive contact with the FBI regarding this situation, which is why one of your fellow stalkers received a few visits from its agents, a few years ago.)

Oh, you didn't know all that?

Of course you didn't. You're idiot leftists, who think you know it all, and are immune from the legal consequences of your actions because you hide behind your keyboards, thinking you are anonymous.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, assholes. You're not.

Addendum 2: Shazam! The stalking of HUFF-WATCH finally stopped.

Imagine that. The stalking comments and obsessive visits to HUFF-WATCH have stopped. Finally. Permanently? Time will tell.

But if the little cowards want to contact me directly (now that they're too afraid to go through the Blogger commenting system), go for it: huffwatcher1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Addendum 3: Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit exposes a radical leftist flamethrower on university computer; the coward apologizes, then retracts apology, throws more flames

Pretty entertaining:

Someday, somewhere, a psychiatrist is going to win a grant to determine exactly what kind of malfunction it is that drives radical leftists to act as they do online. Especially when they are using taxpayer-provided computers and/or Internet access.


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  1. I've made friends with a few of the fellow HPers outside of HP. You have a few people that frequent here to stalk. And yes, they think you're "beej". In fact, for a while they thought you ran another site called "Huffpo Monitor", which is another site that calls out HPs frequent Anti-Semitism.

    If one of the stalkers was in the New Orleans area, I know exactly who it is...