Saturday, March 3, 2012

In loving memory: Andrew Breitbart


Farewell to a dear friend

Andrew Breitbart: 1969-2012

Andrew Breitbart was a friend of HUFF-WATCH since its beginning, in 2008.

Although he never personally wrote for these pages, he appreciated why the site was created, and was necessary, and at times provided key counsel. The original underlying linkage between us was that Arianna Huffington effectively declared war on each of us, though for different reasons. (The story will likely be told in a future e-book.)

As the original co-creator of Huffington Post, Andrew knew better than anyone else how grievously Arianna had betrayed her original claims as to what the site would be, and the fact that she continued to lie to her advertisers and the general public, to the present day. She has repeatedly, endlessly claimed that it is a "non-partisan news site," and that it "prohibits inflammatory claims and ad hominem attacks." As we documented here and elsewhere, HuffPost is, in fact, the West's largest Internet-based purveyor of pathological, inflammatory lies about, and incitement against the U.S. military, Israel and Jews, the Tea Party and conservatives.

When Arianna effectively declared a holy jihad against the Tea Party, HUFF-WATCH followed Andrew's lead in documenting the truth. He repeatedly challenged the leftist media (including HuffPost) to prove their malicious, inflammatory allegations; they never could. We produced this comprehensive report on HuffPost's pathological smearing and bias against the Tea Party, parts of which were picked up by other blogs, including Andrew's BIG sites.

And when Arianna revoked Andrew's front-page blog placement on HuffPost because she claimed that his calling Van Jones a "commie punk" in another publication violated HuffPost's "standards of blogger conduct," we produced this report, which thoroughly exposed her lies. (We attempted to cross-publish the piece at Big Journalism, but unfortunately it didn't format-translate so well, from this Blogger-based platform to Andrew's Wordpress-based one.)

Andrew was a giant, and he will be sorely missed by anyone who cares about America, and recognizes the incredible damage that radical leftists will continue to do to her, unless patriots fail to stand up to, and expose them.

So thank you, Andrew, for all that you gave to America - and for the continuing encouragement, inspiration and friendship that you gave to me, personally.


Note: This is the first post that's been published at HUFF-WATCH since September 2011. Click here for an update.


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