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HuffPost buries French Jewish school massacre below junk stories

Note: As mentioned here, HUFF-WATCH has been in hiatus since last September, due to a medical situation and other matters. We have, however, continued to chronicle documentation of HuffPost's perpetual, malicious bias and incitement against the U.S. military, Israel and Jews. And as time permits, we will be publishing items that reach the outer extremes of this bias or incitement - such as this post.
UPDATE: See part 2 of this post here: PICTORIAL: HuffPost's anti-Semitic bias against Tolouse murder victims - to show that once again, whereas HuffPost gives top-line treatment to jihadis and Muslims who are killed or have a grievance, it completely ignored the massively-attended funeral for the Toulouse victims.
One might think that as HuffPost is now the #1 most-read "news" site on the planet, and is (still) supported by advertising from the biggest corporations in the world, it might finally begin living up to Arianna's repeated claims that it is a "nonpartisan news source" - and tamping down its pathological anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bias.

In reality, HuffPost's senior management apparently believes it can continue and even escalate its bias against Israel and Jews, with impunity - and immunity. As is evidenced in today's expose'.

The French Jewish school massacre

At 3:45pm Israel time today (6:45am EST), a man on a motorcycle rode by a Jewish school in Tolouse, France, and murdered a rabbi, two of his children, and another child who was walking with them. (Real) news sites around the world went live with the story of this horrific attack, and kept posting updates as more information was discovered.

These responsible outlets were also drawing associations between this attack and the skyrocketing number of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, mirroring the dramatic escalation of anti-Semitic hatred among the general populations.

At 12:00pm, we
decided to do a photographic survey of major news sites - including HuffPost - to see how they were covering the story of this attack.

To validate that each of these screencaps were taken at or about 12:00pm, see the red box at the lower right, highlighting the computer's time-stamp.

Here's what we found:

had the story as its splash headline:

Fox News had it as one of its top four stories:

Drudge had the story in the top-line under the splash headline:

And where did HuffPost position the story - as opposed to the top-line coverage (if not splash headlines) it gives to Muslims who are killed?

Near the bottom of its front page:

How can we prove that HuffPost positioned this story near the bottom of the front page? First, look at the positioning of the scroll handle, highlighted at right in the image above (click to enlarge).

Second, we have a nifty new tool that enables us to capture the entire front page in one JPG. Now, you can scroll through exactly what HuffPost's front page looked like at 12:00pm:

So what kinds of stories did HuffPost's management decide were more important than this one?

Take a look (confirmable via above PDF)
  • Chinese panda poo tea will sell for $200 a cup
  • Watch: Two-year-old sings Adele
  • Adorable animals up for adoption
  • George Clooney's first call from jail went to...
  • Lana Del Rey's risque new video
  • Watch: Duchess Kate speaks!
  • Police arrest runaway swimsuit model accused of running meth ring

Why is this significant? Because when the victim(s) of violence are Muslim - or are (alleged) victims of Israeli/Jewish violence - HuffPost automatically puts the stories at or near the top of the front page, and keeps them there.


More evidence here, here, here, here and elsewhere in HUFF-WATCH's massive archive of HuffPost's anti-Semitic bias and incitement. (See the story behind the picture of little girl, above, at HuffPost Monitor).

Also, keep an eye on our friends at HuffPost Monitor who are also documenting how HuffPost is continuing its pattern of dehumanizing the Jewish victims of this attack, whereas it infallibly presents the names, pictures of grieving relatives and sympathetic accounts of Palestinian terrorists who are killed by the IDF.

Do you think HuffPost's advertisers know exactly what it is they are enabling. You might ask them.

Addendum: By 3:40pm, HuffPost had removed all traces of the story from its front page

See the time stamp at bottom of each page for capture-time verification.
19Mar FPHLs 340p now completely gone

This stands in sharp contrast to how it leaves stories about Muslims who were (allegedly) harmed by Jews on the front page for days, gathering momentum for the anti-Semites who flock to the site to escalate the level of their hate comments.
CONTINUE to Part 2: PICTORIAL: HuffPost's anti-Semitic bias against Tolouse murder victims -


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