Thursday, August 30, 2012

HuffPost: "Ryan's a liar! Dems need to hammer him!!!" -- but accepts Iran's claim of "no nukes!" without question

Inside the span of less than four hours today, HuffPost gave us a "three-fer":

  • Continuing proof of the fact that Arianna Huffington has been lying since day one regarding her claims that HuffPost is a "nonpartisan" "newspaper."
  • Continuing proof of what her former partner Andrew Breitbart described as the "Democrat-Media Complex" --- the fact that there is no dividing line between the Democrat party and the biggest, most influential elements of the "news" media (sans Fox) - with HuffPost now in a lead role.
  • Continuing proof of HUFF-WATCH's allegations that whereas HuffPost is willing to smear and incite hate against Republicans, conservatives and Tea Partiers --- while actively protecting Iran from being held to account for its threats and actions against Jews and Israel.

The facts:

12:00am, August 30 (approximately): Howard Fineman, the "Editorial Director" of the "Huffington Post Media Group" Tweeted the following (h/t Legal Insurrection):
Dems need to hammer Ryan fast and prove clearly that he is a liar because he is a very skilled pol.

Keep in mind that Fineman has been presented as a top-level "journalist" for decades in Washington, DC, and as the ultimate "news"-man. Yet that is not the Tweet of a journalist; that reads much more like an urgent work order issued by a senior figure in the DNC or the Obama campaign.

That Tweet was revealing enough --- but what happened thirty minutes later shows the incestuous relationship between the "nonpartisan" HuffPost and the Obama campaign and the DNC:

12:29am: HuffPost "journalist" Ryan Grim published the following "news" story as HuffPost's screaming headline:

And here's the story page to which that headline led:

Learn more via terrific analysis at Legal Insurrection.

And what happened next shows the glaring disparity between HuffPost's standards for "fact-checking," and assessments of truthfulness:

HuffPost published the following news story from Reuters, near the top of its front page - which unquestioningly presents Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei's claim that "Iran has no interest in nuclear weapons":

Now, take a look at the story page that that headline led to --- and the headline here:
"Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Says Iran Has No Interest In Nuclear Weapons, Just Peaceful Nuclear Energy"

Does that sound like any "news" headline you've ever seen? Yeah, it seemed a bit suspicious to us, too --- because it sounds more like an official press release from Iran's official propaganda office, rather than a "news" story. So we Googled the first few words of the article and it brought up the actual Reuters article, which HuffPost published - unedited. Notice any difference?

And do you notice the item at the lower right -- about the UN chief "excoriat(ing) Iran for threats to Israel, Holocaust (denial)"? That is precisely the kind of news story that HuffPost never publishes --- because it gives legitimacy to Israel's deep concerns and taut military stance.

So basically, HuffPost deliberately rewrote the headline in a way that could only serve to make Iran appear completely benevolent, as if the entire world (and particularly what it refers to as "the Zionist entity") is falsely claiming that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

This is not the first, second, third, or thirtieth time that HuffPost
has perpetrated acts and omissions that can serve only to protect Iran, while vilifying and inciting hate against Jews, Israel and the U.S.

In fact, Ahmadinejad even wrote Arianna a love letter, in which he expressed his unending gratitude to her for her leading role in facilitating the cyber-jihad, and protecting him --- and his deep affection for her.
(Okay, he didn't really write that letter - but he may as well have, because Arianna has acted consistently to protect him, his nuclear weapons aspirations, and the Islamist terror groups that he supports; one graphic example is below; click to embiggen.)

The bottom line: HuffPost revealed itself, once again, as a subversive, radical leftist, pro-Iran propaganda machine --- and a willful participant in the cyber-jihad.

In part of its overt efforts to help Obama win a second term, HuffPost went nuclear on Ryan over what it contends are his "lies" --- yet once again, it gave Iran an unchallenged, top-level platform on its front page from which to spread demonstrably false propaganda


There are two things that enable HuffPost to engage in this reprehensible behavior:
  • The money it gets from its roster of top-flight advertisers --- including Toyota, American Express, Chevrolet, Citibank, and many other top brands.
  • The silence of "journalists" who avidly read HuffPost, yet avert their eyes from the reality that's staring them in the face --- and which we report, and send them, on a regular basis
Here's how you can help:
  • Send this article to journalists, newspapers and TV networks that you trust --- whether on a local or national basis.
    Ask them to take a look at our documentation, and urge them to do some investigating. As you can see, throughout HUFF-WATCH is an encyclopedic cornucopia of physical evidence that backs up every aspect of every one of our allegations.
  • Complain to HuffPost's senior management (not that this is going to do any good --- our readers have been sending in detailed complaints for years).


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