Sunday, September 16, 2012

HuffPost lies again: Claims "Bibi barks" about Iran containment strategy

Aside from the dehumanizing, anti-Semitic aspect of this HuffPost headline, the allegation is a lie --- and HuffPost knew it was a lie when it published it as a "news" story. This article documents the irrefutable proof.

For months, HuffPost has been either completely ignoring news stories about Iran's feverish work on its nuclear weapons, and its cat-and-mouse games with inspectors, or burying these stories deep beyond the view of the casual reader. At the same time, it has been steadily assailing Israeli leaders, and anyone who rises to Israel's defense, particularly Gov. Romney. This follows HuffPost's years-long focused bias and incitement against Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Saturday, Sept. 15, however, HuffPost took its "journalistic jihad" of lies and incitement against Netanyahu to an entirely new level.

The following is a timeline of HuffPost's headlines concerning comments he made to David Gregory for broadcast on Sunday's Meet The Press. Netanyahu was commenting on individuals who make outrageous statements about Iran and Israel --- such as that Iran having nuclear weapons would "stabilize" the Middle East. Specifically, he said:
"I heard some people suggest, David, I actually read this in the American press. They said, 'Well, you know, if you take action, that's a lot worse than having Iran with nuclear weapons.' Some have even said that Iran with nuclear weapons would stabilize the Middle East, stabilize the Middle East. I think the people who say this have set a new standard for human stupidity."
Clearly, Netanyahu's statement was directed at people who voice an opinion that rational people with even rudimentary knowledge of Iran and the Middle East (and Neville Chamberlain) would instantly recognize as insane.

Smearing Netanyahu for his actual words wasn't enough for HuffPost, though. It decided to:
  • Twist the reality of the story in a way that could only serve to incite hatred against him, and by default, against the State of Israel and Jews everywhere --- something that it has been pathologically doing for the past four years (more from our friends at HuffPostMonitor).
  • Approve and publish a torrent of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic user comments that were submitted in response to its incitement against Netanyahu, Israel and Jews.
Specifically, HuffPost decided to lie --- to make it falsely appear that Netanyahu was assailing anyone who supports "containment" of Iran (which clearly is not working, a fact that HuffPost consistently ignores or buries).

Watch this time-lapse of HuffPost's treatment of this "news" story over the course of seven hours:

Sept. 15, 7:19pm: First version of the story

Note that the story was placed near the top of the front page, and was given the title "A New Standard For Human Stupidity" -- implying that the statement was being made about Netanyahu, not by him:

Here is the story page to which that headline led. Note the wording of the headline: "Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran Containment Strategy 'A New Standard For Human Stupidity":

How do we know HuffPost knew the story was a lie? Because
Alana Horowitz, HuffPost's "reporter" and "front page editor" revealed the truth in her own story:
(screencap provided, in case HuffPost tries to retroactively clean up its lies --- which we've documented it doing over and over again)

Sept. 15, 8:39pm: HuffPost added "Bibi Barks" to the lie, moved it up the front page

Apparently, HuffPost felt that inflammatory headline wasn't working well enough to incite reader hate against Netanyahu and Israel, so it moved the story up the front page, until it was just under the top story, and inserted "BIBI BARKS:" as a preface:

And note that at 9:40pm, HuffPost also subtly changed the headline on the story page, to now say he was only referring to "some" supporters of a containment strategy (which doesn't even make sense; if he's going to assail one person for having one opinion, why would he not include everyone who shares it?):

Sept. 16, 2:20am: HuffPost gave this lie the splash-headline treatment

Now, HuffPost decided to go whole-hog on its incitement against Netanyahu:

How do these actions compare with Arianna's statements that HuffPost --- the #1 most-read online "newspaper" in the world --- is nonpartisan, and better than its rivals?
“[T]oo many reporters have forgotten that the highest calling of journalists is to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned.”
- Arianna Huffington, July 29, 2008

“We are aiming to go beyond just facts, to create a narrative... [W]e think bringing journalism to a new level is exactly what people are looking for.”
- Arianna Huffington, October 20, 2009

“The editorial stance of the Huffington Post is to debunk the right-left way of thinking, which has become completely obsolete."
- November 14, 2007

“[W]e are increasingly seen ... as an Internet newspaper, not positioned ideologically in terms of how we cover the news.”
- May 22, 2009

"If you're going to produce great journalism, you have to build a team of people who are working together and driving toward the same goals editorially.”
April 7, 2011, two months after she was put in control of all of AOL's "news" and "content"
“[Arianna Huffington] is offended and bewildered by the suggestion that other news outlets think she's getting a free ride. She sees herself as the future of journalism, not the end of it.”
- March 19, 2009
And let's not forget the rest of Arianna's false claims since 2005, that HuffPost is a "nonpartisan" newspaper.

Just another episode in why we content HuffPost is the West's #1 facilitator of the cyber-jihad against Israel, Jews and the U.S. military.


If you believe HuffPost should stop inciting hatred against Netanyahu, Israel and Jews, we urge you to do three things:
(1) Make your voice known to HuffPost's senior management here.

(2) Consider writing or calling one or more of HuffPost's top advertisers, to let them know your thoughts on what their ad dollars are enabling.
An easy way to approach this is to scan our easy-to-use directory and find one or two corporations that you are a customer of, or have stock in. Your concerns will automatically be given considerably more weight. Also, request a follow-up after they've had a chance to review the evidence; don't let them off the hook, or sweep this under the rug.

(3) Forward the link to this story along to others who support Jews and Israel --- particularly journalists!!!

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