Friday, August 1, 2014

Hamas murders 2 IDF soldiers, kidnaps 1, during "cease-fire"; HuffPost pretends both sides to blame

For the duration of Operation Protective Edge, all posts concerning the conflict here at HUFF-WATCH will employ the above sub-banner, to remind readers new and old that the Huffington Post has been reliably turning facts on their heads in order to do Hamas's PR for it.   

Lt. Hadar Goldin, 23.
On July 31, it was announced that at 8:00am local time, the IDF and Hamas would begin a cease-fire to enable humanitarian aid to be brought into Gaza, the injured to be evacuated, etc.

On August 1 at 9:30am local time, Hamas terrorists emerged from a terror tunnel, murdered two IDF soldiers and kidnapped a third, Lt. Hadar Goldin, 23.

All of this was confirmed by Israeli and Western media by 8:00am EST (HuffPost's time zone).

Instead of accurately reporting what caused the end of the cease-fire, HuffPost made it appear in a splash headline  (screencap taken at 10:30am EST) that neither side was responsible, and that the cessation of hostilities happened through unknown causes:

Note that HuffPost says only Israel accuses Hamas of violating the cease-fire, and says nothing about the fact that hours earlier:
  • The White House called Hamas's actions a "barbaric" breach of the cease-fire.
  • Qatar and Egypt, which brokered the cease-fire, are infuriated that Hamas's actions have caused their credibility has evaporate.
Update, 2:00pm

HuffPost has now turned the headline imagery for this "news" story into a sympathy plea for Palestinians:


Just another day at the office for Hamas's largest Western online mouthpiece, the Huffington Post. As a reminder, some earlier examples:
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