Friday, August 1, 2014

HuffPost: Jews trying to control the NYT!!! (Silence on Hamas media restrictions)

For the duration of Operation Protective Edge, all posts concerning the conflict here at HUFF-WATCH will employ the above sub-banner, to remind readers new and old that the Huffington Post has been reliably turning facts on their heads in order to do Hamas's PR for it. 
At 2:00pm on August 1, 2014, HuffPost published this headline on its front page (screencap taken at 10:30pm):

This "news" story was written by HuffPost star "reporter" Michael Calderone (who holds a master's degree in journalism from from NYU). 

So does that headline really tell the story - accurately, in context, and with balance?  Of course not.  This is HuffPost.  And as has been documented at Huff-Watch over and over again, its headlines concerning Israel and Jews are primarily designed to do one thing: incite hate against both, while ignoring or whitewashing acts and statements by Hamas, et al, that are 1,000 times worse.

Go through the story, and you will learn that:
  • Israel, like all other countries when in military conflict, sets rules on reporters who are operating in the region.

  • This was a timely request to help save the life of the IDF soldier whom Hamas kidnapped this morning.
  • HuffPost published the following update at 5:55pm - four and a half hours before the screencap above was taken:
UPDATE: 5:55 p.m. -- In a statement emailed to HuffPost, Times international editor Joe Kahn said "we are not submitting NYT articles for prior review by Israeli censors."  "We are aware of a very narrow issue that concerns the censors about the background of the captive solider," said Kahn. "And our reporters in Israel have not reported on that issue. But censors are not reviewing what we publish prior to publication."
Those facts alone would be sufficient to cause any (honest) Journalism 101 professor to flunk Calderone, HuffPost's front-page headline writer, and its editor, who allowed this "story" to be presented as it was.

But wait, it gets worse.

If you only got your news from HuffPost, you would never know the following verifiable, extremely important facts, which would have made this "story" a complete yawner:
  • The fact that Hamas controls all international journalists operating in Gaza.
  • The fact that Hamas prohibits Jewish journalists from reporting in Gaza.
  • The fact that Hamas has been openly intimidating and threatening international journalists to only report what they allow them to, and physically attacking those who dare to deviate.
  • The fact that the Palestinian Authority (in the West Bank - our supposed "peace partner") has routinely intimidated, terrorized and jailed international journalists who dare to report anything that PA "president" Mahmoud Abbas dislikes.
Taking these facts into account, one truth becomes inescapable: 
Given the knowledge that HuffPost leadership had in its possession at the time it published this headline, the only possible reason for constructing it as they did, was to advance a classic anti-Semitic libel - that Jews control the media, and manipulate it to serve their own purposes.  And, by omission, this lie is only reinforced by the fact that HuffPost has never published a single story on its front page or World page about how Hamas and the PA treat journalists.
And even four and a half hours after HuffPost was advised by the NY Times itself that this was nothing out of the ordinary, it allowed that inflammatory, dishonest headline to remain posted.  Why would it do that?  To incite and publish the exact kinds of hate-filled user comments that it has thrived on for five years.  A sampling (see many more here):
Kamren Pierce · PBSC, FAU
How many supporters of this campaign support the fact that a foreign country has the ability to instill a gag order on US media outlets?  Does it not bother you that the story that broke the ceasefire is now being monitored by an israeli for approval? 
Kelly Lightning · Top Commenter
I thought Israel already writes the NYT's Israel coverage. Every NYT mid-east reporter is a pre-approved Jewish supremacist hack.
Ben Williamson · Top Commenter · Decatur, Alabama
In other words, "We don't want anyone to find this guy walking down the street because they'll know we completely lied about his capture in order to wipe out more Palestinians".
Marty Chambers · Top Commenter
The Israeli military told The New York Times on Friday to withhold publishing additional information about an Israeli soldier reportedly captured by Palestinian militants until it is first reviewed by a censor. Why are we so closely tied to these people? Now they want to censor OUR MEDIA? This is not Russia, we are not in Nazi Germany, we have freedom of the press. Evidently they do not in Israel. And we call them a free society? How can you have a free society if the government censors the media?
Just another day in the life of Hamas's most reliable Western online PR shill, the HuffPost, where truth and facts get turned on their heads in order to whip up hatred against Israel and Jews, on a daily basis. 
"If you're going to produce great journalism, you have to build a team of people who are working together and driving toward the same goals editorially.”
--- Arianna Huffington, Advertising Age, April 7, 2011
Will anyone in a position of influence ever hold Arianna Huffington to account for the lies and incitement that are published as "news" in on the site that bears her name, and over which she maintains complete editorial control?  Or the advertisers who make it all possible?


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