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HuffPost sympathizes with Gaza over IDF soldier kidnapping, ignores soldier's identity, plight

For the duration of Operation Protective Edge, all posts concerning the conflict here at HUFF-WATCH will employ the above sub-banner, to remind readers new and old that the Huffington Post has been reliably turning facts on their heads in order to do Hamas's PR for it. 

On August 2, HuffPost published this headline at the top of its front page, just under the splash:

Turns out, the story was sourced by Reuters, but HuffPost completely changed the headline, which originally read "Hamas defends ambush, blamed for ending Gaza ceasefire."

Why would HuffPost twist this headline in such an egregious way?  

Lt. Goldin, 23, with his fiance.
His picture has yet to appear at
The answer is, because HuffPost's editors chose to ignore the kidnapped IDF soldier, Lt. Hadar Goldin, 23, his fiance, his family and comrades, as well as the potential horrors that he is being subjected to at the hands of the gang of savages known as Hamas.  Instead, these editors decided to instead sympathize with what his kidnapping may mean for what they term Gaza's "nightmare."

Note also that HuffPost has not featured a single picture of Lt. Goldin on either its front page or World page.  

Contrast this to the fact that when a Palestinian "journalist" was merely detained for a few hours by Israel, HuffPost featured her picture on its front page:  

To feature Sgt. Goldin's face and story on HuffPost's front page would be to humanize him - and that is the one thing that HuffPost never does, for Israelis or Jews, as Huff-Watch and our friends at HuffPostMonitor have been documenting for the past five years.

As we've documented over and over again, HuffPost is only willing to "humanize" one side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: terrorists, their enablers, and their Muslim victims.  Lest we forget when Dirar Al Sisi, Hamas's chief rocket-maker, went missing on his way to an engineering conference, and HuffPost plastered his little girl's weepy-eyed face all over its front page and World page?

This practice of dehumanizing Israelis and Jews, and "super-humanizing" Palestinian terrorists and their victims, has been going on for many years at HuffPost:
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Humanizing Palestinians (and dehumanizing Jews) as part of Hamas's and HuffPost's doctinres

The Huff-Watch special report, Huffington Post: Hamas's mouthpiece in the USA, revealed the fact that Hamas's spokesperson, and one of HuffPost's top video "journalists," claim that they have the same basic mandate: to "humanize" Palestinians.  This basic propaganda doctrine was affirmed in a recently-discovered Hamas training manual:
Regarding “the narrative of life vs. the narrative of blood: [When speaking] to an Arab friend, start with the number of martyrs. [But when speaking] to a Western friend, start with the number of wounded and dead,” the video states. “Be sure to humanize the Palestinian suffering. Try to paint a picture of the suffering of the civilians in Gaza and the West Bank during the occupation’s operations and its bombings of cities and villages.”
So in the end, this incident was just one more in the long, long pattern of HuffPost acting as Hamas's most reliable Western online PR shill. 
"If you're going to produce great journalism, you have to build a team of people who are working together and driving toward the same goals editorially.”
--- Arianna Huffington, Advertising Age, April 7, 2011
Will anyone in a position of influence ever hold Arianna Huffington to account for the lies and incitement that are published as "news" in on the site that bears her name, and over which she maintains complete editorial control?  Or the advertisers who make it all possible?


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