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HuffPost gives murdered Miami, FL rabbi about as much coverage as you'd imagine

SEE UPDATE AT END: For indication of how HuffPost treats murderous crimes against Jews in America.. versus Muslim allegations of... outrages.

Early on the morning of July 28, 2014, Congregation Torah Ve’emunah in Miami, FL was defaced with spray-painted swastikas and "HAMAS" signs.  See a local news video report of this hate crime here.

HuffPost gave zero coverage to this story, on that day or since. (Perhaps this omission was due to the fact that anti-Semitic hate crimes such as this are exactly the kind that are incited by HuffPost's chronic incitement of hate against Israel and Jews.)

But HuffPost wasn't ignoring all domestic "news" stories during this period that it deemed we should be very concerned about. For example, on August 9, 2014, HuffPost gave the second day of front-page coverage to a "news" story about some of its female employees who allege (without proof of any kind) that men have spoken to them unkindly while walking on sidewalks:

Twelve days after Congregation
Torah Ve’emunah was vandalized, on August 9, rabbi Joseph Raskin, was shot to death in front of the synagogue. 

From a local CBS-TV affiliate:

According to an article in the Miami Herald, the local leader of one prominent national Jewish organization speculated that the synagogue vandalism and this murder are connected:
(A) local Jewish community leader, Brian Siegal, director of the American Jewish Committee’s Miami and Broward Regional Office, said he believes Raksin’s shooting may be connected to the recent act of vandalism at the nearby Torah V’Emunah [...] "Coming so soon and so close to the synagogue that was vandalized last week with swastikas and pro-Hamas graffiti, obviously we’re suspicious that it’s linked, but that remains to be seen.”
So how much coverage did HuffPost give to the murder of Rabbi Raskin?


Instead, as of 9:00am on August 10 - a full 24 hours after the murder, here is a sampling of the stories that HuffPost judged important enough to be placed on its front page:



So what kinds of domestic "news" stories does HuffPost publicize on its front page, in which they sympathize with the victim?

Here's a sampling, over the past several years:

HuffPost gave front-page splash treatment to Michael Moore's allegations that a Palestinian filmmaker was detained for merely a few hours at LAX:

HuffPost gave five days of top coverage to a "homesick American jihadi" - yet ignored the a U.S. military hero who was given the Medal of Honor during the same time period:

How does this all compare to Arianna Huffington's claims that HuffPost is a professional, nonpartisan "newspaper," and better than its competitors?

“We are aiming to go beyond just facts, to create a narrative. We think bringing journalism to a new level is exactly what people are looking for.”
- Arianna Huffington
"If you're going to produce great journalism, you have to build a team of people who are working together and driving toward the same goals editorially.”
- Arianna Huffington
“[T]oo many reporters have forgotten that the highest calling of journalists is to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned."
- Arianna Huffington


UPDATE, Sept. 4, 2014: HuffPost gives front-page coverage to "news" story about a New York Muslim who alleges the NYPD took too long to respond to a crime call.

Well, this "news" story certainly has more merit than that of an American rabbi who was murdered on his way to a synagogue that had just been vandalized with anti-Semitic hate graffiti (according to HuffPost's radical leftist, Islamist-enabling fever swamp):

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