Monday, September 27, 2010

Updates: HuffPost continues its pro-Hamas, anti-Israel bias, 9/27/10

Continued from If HuffPost decides to stop journalistically fellating Hamas...


UDPATE Sept. 27: HuffPost ignores Hamas's latest attempted murder of Jewish civilians --- including a mother-to-be who went into labor --- and its threats to murder more. Instead, it focuses on Arianna's latest bloviations,
Israeli settlements, and other nonsense.

Haaretz, a news source that HuffPost uses on a regular basis (when it wants to), published the following story at 4:30pm EST on September 26, 2010:
Israeli woman gives birth within hours of being shot in West Bank attack

HuffPost decided that this story was not worth covering, at all. Instead, it focused its attention on its usual round of trash (below).

Next, here is another story that the Jerusalem Post, a source that HuffPost regularly cites, published at 12:45pm EST on September 27:
Mashaal: We'll continue 'to kill illegal settlers'

By 6:00pm, HuffPost had not published this story, either.

HuffPost did, however, decide that Arianna's latest blovations deserved space just under the very top of its front page...

... along with Israeli settlements...

... and nonsensical trash stories... such as a "possum throwing contest" and the 200th anniversary of Octoberfest (both of which have been posted since Sept. 22):

Here's more of the journalistic junk that HuffPost decided was far more important for its global audience to be aware of, than Hamas's continuing savagery:

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If you're as outraged as we are at HuffPost's persistent pro-Hamas, anti-Israel bias, and would like to make your voice known to its senior management (politely, please), here's how.


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