Monday, September 27, 2010

If HuffPost decides to stop journalistically fellating Hamas...


... and attempts to regain an iota of credibility, after its Middle East correspondent explained why she soft-soaps and agrees with Hamas's leader (more here), here are five questions it could ask him.

HuffPost should start, however, with this opening statement:
Opening: Mr. Meshaal, thanks for sitting down with HuffPost. One note,though, before we begin: HuffPost will no longer journalistically fellate you, via our former Middle East correspondent's fawning interviews with you* --- and we will no longer protect Hamas. (*more here, here)

For example, when Hamas makes sounds like it aspires to peace, we
post soft, cuddly pictures of you, like this, and Gazans, like this, on our front page. When Hamas targets and murders civilians, however, then celebrates this savagery, and threatens more, we ignore or bury such stories --- and never, ever post pictures of you that look like this, or this. Yet when Israel responds, to try to put a stop to Hamas's murder, attacks and threats, we invariably frame our screaming headlines to make Israel look like the bad guy, and Hamas as the victim. We've even allowed one of our own "reporters" to smear Israel with the false allegation that it's attempting to starve Palestinians, a charge that you often make.

Those days are now over, Mr. Meshaal. HuffPost will no longer be your... lapdog.
We're the #1 most-read blog in the world, a top-ten U.S. "news" site. We've repeatedly claimed that we are nonpartisan, and that journalism's highest mission should be to "ferret out the truth, consequences be damned."

We've finally decided to start acting like the "news" site we claim to be.
With that understanding, let us begin, anew.

(1) On August 31, 2010, Hamas targeted and machine-gunned to
death four Jewish civilians in the West Bank --- including a mother of six, who was nine months pregnant. Hours later, Hamas openly celebrated what you called this "heroic" act, and led public celebrations in Gaza. Hamas then attempted to murder three more Jewish civilians in the next two days, including a 14 year old girl, who may have suffered a brain injury.
Question: Given these facts, does targeting and murdering Jewish civilians make Hamas terrorists feel like "real men"?

(2) Hamas constantly bemoans the suffering of the Muslims in Gaza --- despite the fact that Israel sends hundreds of trucks filled with food and humanitarian supplies (more here) into Gaza daily.
Question: If the people Hamas rules over are suffering so badly, why does it constantly steal this food and aid?

(3) Hamas also constantly bemoans the fact that Gaza is economically stagnant, and has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.
Question: How then do you explain what Israel has been able to accomplish, turning a desert wasteland into thriving economy, and possessing one of the highest standards of living in the world? Why do Microsoft, Google and other technology giants not set up R&D or marketing facilities in Gaza, as they've done in Israel? Here, watch this video (more here), and respond:

(4) As a follow-up to my previous question, a commonly held belief is that governments are responsible for providing education and job training to their young people, so that they may become functioning, independent, self-supporting individuals. Instead of doing this, Hamas indoctrinates Muslims from toddlerhood to believe that their highest aspiration should be to die as martyrs, while murdering Jews. Hamas even destroyed several U.N. summer camps for Gaza children, because they were providing constructive alternative activities to those taught in your terror-based summer camps.
Question: When you watch the video below, do you honestly not feel any remorse of what Hamas has done to several generations of youths --- and do you not see the connection between what you've done, and Gaza's economic stagnation?

(5) Level with us, Mr. Meshaal. Given the facts that underlie all my previous questions, it seems clear that Hamas has no interest in improving the welfare of Muslims in Gaza. Hamas even admitted in the video below that it sees nothing wrong with using Muslims as human shields.
Question: Is it not true that Hamas uses Gaza civilians as nothing more than props, to simultaneously protect itself --- and, by keeping them in a state of constant fear and want, elicit sympathy from gullible Western and Arabic nations, and their media appendages?

We at HUFF-WATCH are not holding our breaths that HuffWatch will ever develop the spine to take such actions as we describe above. But we are optimists... and all we can do is hope.

Addendum: Another question for Hamas, thanks to a tip from reader "Phyllies," which we should caught:
"Hey, Hamas, you always complain about your "human rights" being violated. How does that square with the fact that you're committing a war crime by keeping Gilad Shalit in solitary confinement, and have not allowed a single visit from the Red Cross or Red Crescent, in four years?"

UPDATES: Click here for updates to this article, showing how, today, HuffPost again ignored Hamas's continuing savage attacks on Jewish civilians, and threats of more, and instead focused on... Arianna's latest bloviations, Israeli settlements, and journalistic junk stories.

* * *
If you're as outraged as we are at HuffPost's persistent pro-Hamas, anti-Israel bias, and would like to make your voice known to its senior management (politely, please), here's how.


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