Friday, January 14, 2011

Part 2: All the critical evidence that HuffPost ignored in the critical first 12 hours, to construct its false narrative

Continued from Part 1: HuffPost's initial reports on the AZ shooting falsely points finger at Sarah Palin, Tea Party, conservatives

This article documents some of the reams of physical evidence that HuffPost ignored in the critical 12 hours after the shootings --- yet which was published by far smaller blogs from across the political spectrum, within the first three hours ---

This evidence proves, in part, the following facts:
  • An article-writer at the radical leftist Daily Kos published an implicit threat against Rep. Giffords by one of her constituents --- two days before the shooting
  • Aside from being mentally deranged, if the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, had any political affiliation, it would be with the radical left --- and possibly an anti-Semitic hate group
  • Top Democratic organizations (DLC, DCCC) used identical "target maps" in the recent past
  • Daily Kos had recently "targeted" Rep. Giffords in the same fashion

As you review the following evidence, keep in mind that:

  • As noted in Part 1, HuffPost's two key story pages contained none of what you're about to read --- even though "updated" versions of them were published up to eight hours afterward.
  • Instead of assigning him to help "ferret out the truth," HuffPost permitted its "Senior Political Director," Howard Fineman, to instead craft a body of advice to President Obama on how he can get the most political mileage out of this shooting --- which it published less than seven hours after it occurred. Documentation & analysis by Newsbusters.

(1) Early indications that
Loughner is a radical leftist

Keep in mind that the first reports of the shooting were published on Jan. 8 at around 1:00pm --- and HuffPost's first article discussing it was published at 1:14pm.
  • At 1:11pm EST, the Arizona Daily-Star (Tucson) reported that two of the shooter's favorite books were The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf*. This was also reported about the same time at Powerline, one of the most popular conservative blogs.
  • At 2:58pm CST, GatewayPundit and Business Insider revealed that one of the shooter's friends described him as "left-wing, quite liberal... a political radical."

HuffPost did not report any of these facts.

(*Although not traditionally associated with the radical left, Mein Kampf was Hitler's manifesto on his belief in authoritarian statism, anti-Semitism and anti-capitalism --- three of the radical left's hallmark principles, today. For more information, see "Liberal Fascism" and Section 5 of this report.)

3:07pm: HillBuzz published proof that two days earlier, one of Rep. Giffords' radical leftist constituents posted an implicit threat against her.

HillBuzz is a
site run by two centrist Democrats. At 3:07pm --- eight hours before we obtained our PDFs of HuffPost's "reporting" --- HillBuz published this article, which documented the fact that on January 6 -- two days before the shooting --- Daily Kos published this article:
"My Congresswoman (Rep. Giffords) is DEAD to me!"

HuffPost did not report any of these facts.

(3) 3:07pm: HillBuzz also documented the fact that for at least the past two years, Democrats and radical leftist websites had been using "target maps" against Republicans

As a reminder, HuffPost insinuated that because Sarah Palin used the map at right for her campaign-assistance efforts for Republicans, she was somehow complicit in the shooting of Rep. Giffords and the others.

Yet the following was published in the same
HillBuzz article, published eight hours earlier --- which HuffPost chose to ignore:
  • Top Democratic organizations (DLC, DCCC) used identical "target maps" in the recent past
  • Daily Kos had recently "targeted" Rep. Giffords in the same fashion

From left: Democratic Leadership Committee "target map"; Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee "target map"; Zoom-in of DCCC "target" Thaddeous McCotter (R-MI)

2008: Daily Kos "targeted" Rep. Giffords:

HuffPost did not report any of these facts.

Do you really believe it's possible that Arianna Huffington and her crack team of 53 "editors" missed all of the above "truths," which blogs a fraction of the size, with zero resources, were able to find in the minutes after this shooting?

If so, we have some oceanfront property in Arizona that we'd like to sell you... cheap.
Continue to Part 3: HuffPost, finding its false narrative collapsing, doubles- down on its "jihad" against Palin, et al


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