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Appendix 1: Could HuffPost really not know how jihadis define "war booty," and of their rape campaigns in Somalia?

A supplement to: Part 1: HuffPost gives super-coverage to "homesick" jihadi - and continues ignoring victims of jihad
HuffPost made no mention of the stomach-churning way that jihadists define “war booty.” 

Here are the specific words used by the "homesick" jihadi terrorist, contained in the "news" story to which HuffPost gave five days of top-line coverage:
"War booty is eaten by the top dogs, but the guys who won it are jailed for touching it."
“War booty” is traditionally defined as the valuable, inanimate physical objects that are seized by a conquering military force, such as art, jewelry, money, etc. 

Somalia, however, has precious little traditional “war booty" – it is one of the world's poorest, violence-torn nations.  It is for this reason that HuffPost's omission of the ways that jihadis define "war booty," particularly in Somalia, is so glaring: to jihadis, "war booty" also includes women and female children that they capture, rape, keep as sexual slaves (often through forced "marriage"), and murder on a whim. 

Major newspapers have been reporting on this phenomenon in recent years – particularly in the context of Somalia, and the Al Qaeda-linked Al Shebaab terror group that HuffPost's "news" story claims our “homesick” jihadi has been a member of since 2006:
"Somali Women, Pain of Being a Spoil of War," by Jeffrey Gettleman, New York Times, December 27, 2011.
“The rape of Somalia's women is being ignored,” by Liz Shannon, The Guardian (UK), October 11, 2011. 
“On Top of Famine, Unspeakable Violence,” by Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, September 24, 2011.
"Rape, another risk for Somali drought refugees," by Inform Africa on August 17, 2011. 
The U.N. also sounded the alarm about what is happening to Somali women and girls, in August 2011 (emphasis added):
“During the long and perilous journey from Somalia to the camps in Kenya, women and girls are subjected to attacks, including rape, by armed militants and bandits,” said Margot Wallström, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, in a statement. […]
Ms. Wallström said that the office had also received alarming information about alleged rape by Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and allied militias in south-central Somalia and heard that Al-Shabaab militants pitted against the government were abducting girls for forced marriage to fighters.
In fact, jihadis claim that their holy scriptures demand that women and female children be treated as “war booty” – a view that is affirmed by many Islamist scholars, now, even in Western nations: 
"The Jihadist Laws of War" by Mary R. Habeck, Journal of International Security Affairs (see "Prisoners Of War" section)
"The Rape Jihad," by Robert Spencer, Front Page Magazine. 
"Allah Made 'War Booty' Halal for the Prophet," by "Logical Thinker," Islam-Watch. 
"Islamic Sanctification of Rape and the Horror of Muslim Rape," by Jake Neuman, Islam-Watch.
And regarding the fact that Islam's top doctrine-generating school, Al Azhar University, is located in Egypt, which is now embarked on a campaign of institutionalized, theologically-justified rape --- in part with the $1 billion U.S. tax dollars given to Egypt every year:
"The 'Epidemic' of Sexual Harassment - and Rape - in Morsi's Egypt," by Raymond Ibrahim,, February 15, 2013.
Can there be any doubt that what this jihadi is complaining about is that senior Al Shabaab terrorists are hogging all the most desirable women and female children – and won't let him “touch” this “war booty"?  Yet the “news” article that HuffPost published - and to which it gave sustained, top-line coverage - made no mention of the Islamist doctrine of “war booty.”

The deeper threat that the "homesick" jihadi's terror gang poses to America

Although HuffPost's "news" article eventually described the fact that Al Shabaab is an Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group, left unmentioned was the fact that it poses a unique, extremely serious threat to America and Americans, worldwide. 

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has published deeply-detailed reports that reveal the depth of this danger -- and why "homesick" jihadis like the one that this article focuses upon are among the most dangerous, because they carry U.S. passports, and are actively engaged in attempting to recruit other Americans to join their jihad:

"Al-Shabaab: A Jihadist Threat to America," The Investigative Project on Terrorism, September 13, 2011.

"Prosecutor Warns Not to Ignore al-Shabaab Threat," The Investigative Project on Terrorism, December 6, 2011.  Excerpt (emphasis added):

According to an investigative report issued in July by the House Homeland Security Committee's majority staff, Shabaab-related federal indictments "account for the largest number and significant upward trend in homegrown terrorism cases" filed by the Justice Department, with at least 38 cases unsealed since 2009. [...]

The House Homeland Security Committee concluded that 40 or more Americans have joined the group, with at least 15 of them dying while fighting alongside al-Shabaab. "Nowhere near that number of Americans have been killed fighting with any other foreign terrorist group," the panel said. "At least 21 or more American Shabaab members overseas remain unaccounted for and pose a direct threat to the U.S. homeland."

Could HuffPost's editors really be unaware of all of these facts? 
“[T]oo many reporters have forgotten that the highest calling of journalists is to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned.”
- Arianna Huffington, HuffPost Editor-In-Chief

Consider these facts:
(1) HuffPost has a “news” room that is staffed with more editors, journalists and researchers than even the New York Times.  
(2) In recent years, HuffPost has found and posted front-page stories, many of which it researched and wrote original stories about, including as the following:
  • “Attention Walmart Shoppers, Beware The Man Throwing Semen
  • A man in Australia who married his dog 
  • "Mom disrupts school assembly by stripping, cops say”  
Another fact to consider: on one day alone (8/19/12), HuffPost put nine separate references on its World page to the plight of "Pussy Riot," a Russian punk rock band that crashed a famed church to perform their "music," without permission:

2012-08-19 WPHLs 1235a - 9 REFS to PUSSYRIOT - ZERO ISRAEL -

Given these facts, it reasonable to believe that HuffPost could have been unaware of the reality of what the "homesick" jihadi in the "news" story it published (on its front page) meant by "war booty"?  Could it really have been unaware of the unspeakable horrors that his terror gang perpetrates on Somali women and girls?

How you answer those questions will determine how you view the rest of this report.


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