Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Appendix 2: HuffPost and the "homesick jihadi" - evidence file

Continued from Part 1: HuffPost gives super-coverage to "homesick" jihadi - and continues ignoring victims of jihad 

(1) HuffPost's "super-coverage" of the "homesick jihadi"

HuffPost put the story on its front page for two days straight, on February 8-9, 2013:

HuffPost published the story for five days straight on its World page, the second-most-read page, from February 8-12:

(2) The "news" stories that HuffPost chose to put on its front page and World page from February 11-17, 2013, instead of anything regarding Staff Sgt. Roshema receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor:

February 11:

February 12:

February 13:

February 15:

February 16:


(3)Malki Roth screencaps

Screencaps from October 14-27, 2011

(4) The stories that HuffPost put on its front page instead of the Hebron slaughter of four Jewish civilians, including a mother of six who was nine months pregnant:

During the period August 31-Sept 1, 2010


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