Friday, November 16, 2012

HuffPost enables torrent of anti-Semitic user comments in response to its incitement against Israel


THEN: HuffPost-incited and -approved hate comments against Israel and Jews during 2008's Operation Cast Lead

In 2008, during Israel's last major defensive action against savage terrorists in Gaza (Operation Cast Lead), HuffPost employed continuous bias and incitement of hate against Israel and Jews, depicting them as merciless aggressors who were deliberately targeting and murdering poor Palestinians, including women and children, with indiscriminate fire.  In response to this incitement, HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish thousands of extremely anti-Semitic user comments --- even though its policy claims that it doesn't allow, and will not publish such comments.  A sampling:

Time to Ki** your Isr**li friends! Third Intifada!
Posted 10:09 PM on 12/27/2008
[screencap; user was banned, but got up to at least 265 comments here, here]

A great time is capturing a jpiggie, taking his beanie and wiping my a$$ with it, then cramming that and his zionaiz star of david flag down his jpiggie throat...
Posted 06:39 AM on 12/29/2008

They all need to be rounded up and gassed
Posted 05:03 AM on 12/30/2008
[screencap; user account is active, but HuffPost removed all comments, here]
There is a new name for America. Its called the Jewnited States of America... They control the media, the FED, most of the banks...
Posted 02:05 PM on 01/04/2009
Several months later (June 2009), Columbia professor Lincoln Mitchell claimed that based on his and his friends' observations, on nearly every HuffPost news story concerning international issues -- regardless of the topic --- it usually takes no more than ten comments before users are finding a way to blame Jews.  Again, the only reason those comments appeared is because as Arianna Huffington affirmed in July 2008, the only comments that appear on the site are those that it has reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

Read more in our first major report: The Stimulus And The (Approved) Response: Anti-Semitism and Israel-Hatred on Huffington Post, and in our comprehensive archive of HuffPost's Cast Lead incitement --- and the response, here and here.


NOW: HuffPost-incited and -approved hate comments against Israel and Jews during Operation Pillar of Defense

As we've been documenting over the past few days (1, 2), HuffPost has once again decided to (a) protect Hamas, (b) perpetrate "Pallywood" propaganda, and (c) falsely depict Israel as the aggressor in this conflict. And predictably, in response to its latest anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bias and incitement, HuffPost also enabled its rabid leftist haters to unleash a new torrent of hate comments. 

Note below that as HuffPost (Arianna Huffington) has publicly affirmed in numerous public venues, not a single user comment appears anywhere on her site without first being reviewed and approved.  Proof - on this thread, 436 comments were awaiting moderation:

Below is a sampling of the types of anti-Semitic hate comments that HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish in the past few days, in response to its latest incitement.  Note the consistency: Jews are the problem; Jews own the U.S. Congress and control our government, etc.; Jews are Nazi-like aggressors, attacking poor, defenseless Palestinians, etc. 

As you review these hate comments, you might ask yourself: how many do you think are coming from the estimated 250,000 unique monthly HuffPost users (2011 data) who reside in countries that act as incubators of Islamist terror --- Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan?  How many are from the leftist neo-Nazis who frequent HuffPost?


If you share our view that HuffPost's actions in regards to this story are outrageous, and are opposed to its long, long history of inciting and tolerating anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hatred, we urge you to do three things:

(1) Make your voice known to HuffPost's senior management here

(2) Consider writing or calling one or more of HuffPost's top advertisers, to let them know your thoughts on what their ad dollars are enabling.
An easy way to approach this is to scan our easy-to-use directory and find one or two corporations that you are a customer of, or have stock in. Your concerns will automatically be given considerably more weight. Also, request a follow-up after they've had a chance to review the evidence; don't let them off the hook, or sweep this under the rug.

(3) Forward the link to this story along to others who support Israel and Jews

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