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HuffPost's anti-Semitic, pro-jihadist bias -- Christmas edition, Part 3

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ITEM 3: HuffPost ignored multiple Christmas day Islamist terror attacks around the world --- instead, devoted front page space to stories such as the death of Ted Kennedy's dog, etc.

On Christmas Day,
AP --- HuffPost's #1 source for raw news --- reported:
Female bomber kills 45 at food center in Pakistan

(AP) KHAR, Pakistan – A burqa-clad female suicide bomber in Pakistan lobbed hand grenades, then detonated her explosive belt among a crowd at an aid center Saturday, killing at least 45 people in militants' latest strike against the authorities' control over the key tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Police believed it was the first time Islamic militants have sent a woman to carry out a suicide attack in Pakistan, where the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan against al-Qaida and the Taliban insurgents continues to spill over despite Islamabad's repeated claims of victory on its side of the porous border.

So what was HuffPost's reaction?
It completely ignored the story.

Militant Islamists' emerging use of female suicide bombers (and males dressed as females) under full burqas is a source of significant fear among Western law enforcement and intelligence personnel. This was particularly punctuated by another story that HuffPost also completely ignored --- of the fact that the TSA is now apparently allowing its female screeners to wear full-body burqas as well:

HuffPost also completely ignored the story of the Christmas-day bombing of a church in a Muslim-dominated section of the Phillippines.

So what did HuffPost decide to cover on its front page, on December 25-26?

Here's a sampling (clockwise, from top left): (1) Arianna misses being married; (2) Ted Kennedy's dog died, and chimpanzees opening Christmas presents; (3) Fox game show contestants lose; How Bill O'Reilly stole Christmas; (4) and on its World page, for the fourth day, pictures of
Nazis at Christmas, and Russian spy to pose for Playboy.


HuffPost's ignoring of militant Islamists' acts of targeting and murdering of civilians --- but giving top-line coverage of Muslims and militant Islamists who get killed or are victimized --- is nothing new.

Specifically regarding Hamas, HuffPost initiated what we termed a complete "blackout" in the days immediately after its fawning, one-on-one interview with a Hamas chief, on September 1 --- when Hamas openly celebrated its repeated acts of murder and attempted murder of Jewish civilians in the West Bank. This even included Hamas's targeting and murder of a mother of six who was nine months pregnant. As we documented in the following, comprehensive reports, HuffPost not only gave the original story only brief, impersonal coverage, it completely ignored Hamas's follow-up attacks and genocidal threats:

8/31/10: HuffPost spits in eyes of murdered Israelis (again), shills for Hamas (again); cyber-jihadis unleash hate-fest (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

9/1/10 onward: Updates on HuffPost's (mis)coverage of Hamas slaughter of Israeli Jews
HuffPost also ignored the fact that Hamas announced its delight with its "heroic operation in Hebron," after which an estimated 3,000 Gaza Muslims were photographed by Reuters openly celebrating the murder of this woman and her husband.

In fact, we were so moved by one heart-wrenching
picture --- of the grieving, 9-year-old daughter of the murdered mother --- that we developed a special report to her. It documents the fact that while HuffPost completely ignores victims like her, of Hamas's barbarism, it gives full-bore, top-line coverage to Muslim children who are victimized as a result of Hamas's terrorism:
HuffPost's pathological anti-Semitic bias: Children's edition

Do you think HuffPost's major advertisers are aware of what they're really supporting, and enabling? If not, you might consider contacting them

You might also consider voicing your thoughts to HuffPost's senior management, and its investors, here.

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