Thursday, December 30, 2010

HuffPost's anti-Semitic, pro-jihadist bias -- Christmas edition, Part 5

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ITEM 5: HuffPost published story of major scientific breakthrough --- but decided to needlessly omit from headline that it was the result of Israeli researchers.

On Christmas Day, HuffPost published on its front page the following headline:
Solar-Powered Hornet Discovered

Before we discuss the contents of the story, and why this was yet another HuffPost swipe against Israel, take a look at the rest of stories that occupy HuffPost's
front page. Note that all of HuffPost's headlines have two lines, including those that are directly next to this one. Here are some examples from recent days (note at lower left that Obama even gets three lines):

So why did HuffPost use only one line for this particular headline? Let's go to the story page:

(After reading this story, ask yourself: Does the CEO of Shell Oil know that it appears as if
his firm is supporting HuffPost's endemic anti-Semitic bias? You might contact him and ask.)

Here, on the story page, we learn that the astonishing characteristics of this hornet were discovered by Israeli
Apparently even insects are jumping on the solar power bandwagon. A recent breakthrough discovery conducted at Tel-Aviv University has found that the Oriental hornet can turn light into electricity.

Also note that this wasn't even an instance in which HuffPost pulled this story from the AP or some other source; as is noted at the top of the page, this was an
original HuffPost-written article.

So why would HuffPost deviate from its own practice of devoting two lines to each headline, in this particular case? How difficult would it have been to simply tell give Israel credit in its headline?

Note that each of HuffPost's headline blocks accommodate approximately 39 characters per line. The headline
"Solar-Powered Hornet Discovered" utilizes 31 character-spaces. So, assuming HuffPost wanted to honestly "frame" this story, here is what it might have looked like:
Israeli Scientists Discover (27)
Solar-Powered Hornet
Would this have been so difficult? Of course not.


In the larger context of HuffPost's endemic anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bias, this is a pretty minor incident. But as we've documented in Items 2 & 4 herein, and on this site since 2009, HuffPost has a long, long, long history of using its front page to:
  • Post stories that incite hatred of Israel or Jews
  • Ignore stories of Israeli/Jewish achievement, generosity or heroism
  • Post pro-Hamas and pro-militant Islamist propaganda

Here are some additional examples of HuffPost denying Israel the credit it deserves:

Do you think HuffPost's major advertisers are aware of what they're really supporting, and enabling? If not, you might consider contacting them here.

You might also consider voicing your thoughts to HuffPost's senior management, and its investors, here.

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Update, Dec. 26: HuffPost ignored the revelation of another faked anti-Israel libel by Palestinians, as enabled by left-wing activists.
Last week, left-wing groups spread a story that that an Arab shepherd in the West Bank “saw settlers light a fire in the field where his herd was grazing, burning to death 12 pregnant ewes, and then drive away." A few days ago, the farmer "admitted that the 'burning sheep' libel against Jews was meant to disguise his own blunder of losing control of a brush fire." Yet HuffPost published not a word of this.
So much for its
supposed dedication to "ferret[ing] out the truth, consequences be damned. After all, this wasn't something that's really important to the Israel-Palestinian peace process, such as a salacious accusation against the Netanyahus by their former housekeeper, which HuffPost decided to put on its front page (documented here).


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