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HuffPost's anti-Semitic, pro-jihadist bias -- Christmas edition, Part 2

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ITEM 2: HuffPost completely ignored the story of Israeli soldiers who saved a mentally ill Palestinian Muslim child, whose family forcibly put him in danger --- even though it routinely features IDF soldiers on its front page, whenever they are falsely accused of wrongdoing.

On December 23, Haaretz, one of the news sources upon which it often relies for news from the Middle East, reported:
Palestinian family sends mentally ill son to settlement in hope IDF shoots him
A Palestinian caught trying to infiltrate a settlement Wednesday night claims he was sent by his family members, who had hoped he would be killed by soldiers during the infiltration. [...] According to the investigation into the incident, the boy was behaving in a strange manner and the soldiers originally thought that he was drunk. Later on in the investigation, it was clarified that he was actually suffering from a mental illness.

The boy told investigators that his family wanted him dead. He said they threatened him at gunpoint, forcing him to walk towards the settlement with the hope that soldiers would think he was trying to infiltrate and would shoot him. IDF scouts who searched the area confirmed the boy's version of events and found four family members who had tried to flee the area.

HuffPost's reaction? It
completely ignored the story.
Hat tip to Jawa Report for the alert on this story, and for astutely predicting this, in a larger context:
"Here they are, planning a big martyrdom celebration, counting the blood money they'll receive, looking forward to the anti-Israel propaganda, and the damn Joos wouldn't kill the boy! Those bastards! [...] Aside from Israeli news and a few conservative blogs, you'll hear nothing about it."

So what did HuffPost decide to cover on its front page, on December 24-25?

Here's a sampling (clockwise, from top left): (1) Reindeers get high on magic mushrooms; (2) An actor who nearly said no to a decades-old comedy movie, and a talk show maven's Christmas card for Bill O'Reilly; (3) and on the World page, the third day straight of pictures of Nazis at Christmas, and (4) A pillow-fight in Prague.


Is it unfair of us to single out Huffington Post's silence --- for as The Jawa Report noted, many elements of the mainstream media also ignored this story? No. Because by its own definition of itself, HuffPost claims it is separate from and better than traditional journalists, whom Arianna Huffington recently scolded: “[T]oo many reporters have forgotten that the highest calling of journalists is to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned.Further, HuffPost's former CEO described as its journalistic approach as "covering the news with... new ideas about balance and fairness."

The reality is that this incident is a continuation of HuffPost's active, pathological bias against Israeli soldiers. And as shown below, taken as a whole, HuffPost's acts and omissions can only serve to delight, and advance the interests of Hamas, Hezbollah, other militant Islamist terror groups, and the global cyber-jihad in general.

We've documented over and over again how, whenever the IDF is accused of doing anything wrong, no matter how illegitimately, HuffPost rushes it to a prominent spot on its front page --- if not consuming the entire top of the page (left). Yet when exculpatory evidence emerges that shows the accusations were vicious libels, that the entire (left) event was staged to force the Israeli soldiers to defend themselves --- HuffPost completely ignores it.

This practice even extends to the point of blood libels. Our full documentation of the blood libel that HuffPost published prominently on its front page (right) shows that even the "journalist" who wrote the story admitted --- in the story --- he had "no idea, no clue" if the allegations were true or not. Yet when numerous reports came out soon thereafter, that revealed (a) the allegation is medically impossible, and (b) the Palestinian family at the center of the story denied ever making the allegation, HuffPost completely ignored them.

Another story that HuffPost chose to prominently post on its front page focused on a former IDF soldier who had her picture taken while posing with blindfolded Palestinian detainees (left). Our full documentation on this incident shows that while at the same time it decided this story was super-newsworthy, HuffPost was repeatedly ignoring explicit threats of war and mass murder of Jews by Hamas and other militant Islamists --- including even Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority.

We've also documented the fact that when HuffPost's own primary Middle East news sources give credit to the IDF for any heroic actions or noble deeds, it completely ignores them.

One prime example of this denial-by-omission was in January 2010, when the IDF rushed its field medical hospitals to Haiti after the earthquake. Israel's quick response and superb technology and care earned the raves of other nations and some of the global media. Yet as we fully documented, HuffPost completely ignored this story --- and instead put on its front page an accusation against Benjamin Netanyahu's wife by their former housekeeper; an accusation that Israel is "silencing" political protesters, and... an actress who "showed her thigh" and cuddled with an actor.

Another example, from mid-November 2010, was this story by YNetNews, picked up by our friends at The Jawa Report, which documented how IDF soldiers took the lead in saving the life of a Lebanese woman whose clothes got tangled in a border fence near a Hezbollah-laid minefield. Again, HuffPost completely ignored this story.

These examples show, once again, how HuffPost does exactly what Hamas and other militant Islamists pray it will do: Use its unrivaled global reach and influence to help create and perpetuate a false perception of Israeli soldiers as sub-human, violence-seeking monsters.

Do you think HuffPost's major advertisers are aware of what they're really supporting, and enabling? If not, you might consider contacting them here.

You might also consider voicing your thoughts to HuffPost's senior management, and its investors, here.

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