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4/5/10: HuffPost falsely smears the U.S. military, again; User hate-fest erupts
(HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

Here are some of the user comments that HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish in response to its latest incitement --- with notations on users who merit "special attention:"

From this thread: Wikileaks Video Revisited: What Needs To Happen Now

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DocStrangelove I'm a Fan of DocStrangelove
1284 fans permalink

The DEVIANTS who perpetrated these WAR CRIMES can EASILY be identified.... & they need to be PROSECUTED & held as a CAUTIONARY TALE to others that think that HUMAN LIFE is just a "game".
Posted 12:02 AM on 4/22/2010

(Ed.: The above is the newest screen name utilized by one of HuffPost's most protected, longest-term, pathological violators of its comment policies, "BlueStateMan;" see summary here, and detailed analysis here. The latest: He was recently outed as having repeatedly lied about being a war hero at TET in Vietnam. HuffPost has empowered him to be a de facto moderator, able to eject users who dare to expose this fact, or challenge or oppose his insane rants, at will, within minutes. More details on how HuffPost protects users like him, here. Details on his new "status" coming soon.)

Saad Ahmad I'm a Fan of Saad Ahmad permalink

America: Shoot and then ask questions

Posted 08:31 PM on 4/21/2010

thatguy715 I'm a Fan of thatguy715 permalink

Can we finally please call war crimes war crimes? Wow. For years now we've had the slaughtering of civilians, the torturing of civilians, the groundless imprisonment of civilians... [...]

Posted 11:58 PM on 4/21/2010

jspkim I'm a Fan of jspkim 32 fans permalink

A solider on an e_-vil mission is an e_v_il thing altho a soldier on a good mission is noble.
Idolizing the soldiers/troops should stop.

I support the troops ONLY when they are on a good mission. This illegal war/occupation is NOT one of good missions.

Posted 11:48 PM on 4/21/2010

wndrwrthg I'm a Fan of wndrwrthg 82 fans permalink

Murder, pure and simple.

Posted 11:33 PM on 4/21/2010

MissUnderestimated I'm a Fan of MissUnderestimated 15 fans permalink

This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my life. I forced myself to watch it. Every American needs to watch this video. This was a massacre, plain and simple.

Posted 10:55 PM on 4/21/2010
(Ed.: Of course it is the most horrible thing you've ever seen in your life. Because HuffPost has never shown you any "jihad porn" tapes, and you've never seen any of the film taken from Auschwitz, or Bergen-Belsen, etc.)

jspkim I'm a Fan of jspkim 32 fans permalink

We are the t.e.r.r.orists.

Posted 12:29 AM on 4/22/2010

RyanLangemeyer I'm a Fan of RyanLangemeyer permalink

The US is an outlaw country, functioning in the world without any self restraint and seeing no need to police itself. I wish someone in Spain or the Netherlands or wherever had the courage to bring war crimes charges against Bush and Obama. I have never understood why there isn't one person out there with the authority and guts to do it.

Then again... maybe the entire world is cowed by the US military / industrial machine.

Posted 06:35 PM on 4/21/2010


AmandaBC I'm a Fan of AmandaBC 986 fans permalink

All you can see is a CYLINDRICAL OBJECT. It was the task of the pilot to ascertain what it was. He didn't do that because he wanted to sh00t and kiII no matter what.

Posted 07:51 PM on 4/21/2010

katrine1976 I'm a Fan of katrine1976 28 fans permalink

As if he were caught up in a video game.

Posted 07:53 PM on 4/21/2010

- AmandaBC I'm a Fan of AmandaBC 986 fans permalink

Exactly. These monsters have no hearts.

Posted 08:03 PM on 4/21/2010

(Ed.:"AmandaBC" is one of HuffPost's most protected, long-term, anti-U.S. military and anti-Semitic propagandists... whom it has permitted to post nearly 19,000 comments since April 2008 under the same screen name. Previously, from here: 7/13/09: Israel nabs KKK leader; users unleash anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-GOP hate, libels (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

AmandaBC I'm a Fan of AmandaBC permalink

Ah, the irony, since Mu.slims have become the new, the best country a triple- K member can find is I.srael...
Posted 07:53 PM on 07/13/2009

An even more sobering thought: "Amanda" has repeatedly claimed she is soon to be awarded a doctorate in philosophy from the University of British Columbia.)


4/23 update: As if right on cue... here's "AmandaBC" again boasting about her pending Ph.D. in history...

AmandaBC I'm a Fan of AmandaBC 1001 fans permalink

"For the record, you called me a f.ascist for criticizing the scientific validity of SOCIAL Darwinism. "

No, I called you a f.ascist because you're one.

And for the record, you have proven you're really not familiar with Academia (rather unsurprisingly), since you asked me where I got my PhD after I told you I am a PhD candidate.
See how easy it is to use your same "logic" (or lack thereof)?

Posted 12:12 AM on 4/24/2010

(Ed.: And here are some more of this raving anti-Semite's pontifications, which HuffPost has been enabling and protecting for more than two years...)

AmandaBC I'm a Fan of AmandaBC 1001 fans permalink

LOL, you ziofascists are still using the H0locaust as a justification for what you do to the Palestinians...

Posted 09:29 PM on 4/23/2010

AmandaBC I'm a Fan of AmandaBC 1001 fans permalink

"i'm guessing that France is outlawing EVERY religious identifiers, including kippahs (more commonly known as Yamakas)."

Guess again, Sarkozy is ethnically J.ewish... That's why France has started treating MusIims like Germany used to treat J.ews...

Posted 04:44 PM on 4/23/2010

AmandaBC I'm a Fan of AmandaBC
1001 fans permalink

"No Muslims are being thrown into ovens."

Not yet. But then again, HitIer didn't start putting J.ews into ovens until 1944...

Posted 04:58 PM on 4/23/2010

(Ed. Wrong - try 1941. And yet, as documented here, here, here, here, here, when users stand up to raving anti-Semites like AmandaBC, there's a good chance that HuffPost will censor, then ban them --- while leaving her free to continue spreading her hate-filled libels and propaganda.)


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