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Archive of Anti-Israel, Ant-Semitic Bias, Libels and Hate at HuffPost

For a introduction to this entire issue, please see:

The Stimulus And The (Approved) Response: Anti-Semitism and Israel-Hatred on Huffington Post

(Feb. 2010) The result of over two years of intensive documentation and analysis, this HUFF-WATCH report reveals the fact that in violation of its published policies, HuffPost consistently:
  • Applies an egregious anti-Semitic double-standard to covering stories concerning Israeli and Jewish news, issues and public figures
  • Frames "news" stories concerning Israel and Jews in such a way that incites anti-Israel, anti-Semitic perceptions and hatred, often on illegitimate grounds
  • Approves and tolerates user comments submitted in response to this incitement that contain incendiary, hate-filled libels and conspiracy theories against Israelis and Jews, even though it supposedly prohibits such material

Note re comment moderation issue:
In the summaries below, you'll see the allegation that HuffPost "reviewed, approved and decided to publish" anti-Semitic hate comments mentioned repeatedly.

This allegation is based on the facts documented in our special report,
The history of HuffPost's moderation of user comments on its news story threads, which shows that contrary to its public statements, since March 2008, HuffPost has been pre-moderating user comments on its "news" threads. This means that the only comments that have been published since that time are those that it has reviewed and approved.

Feb. 12, 2011 note: The formatting in this document is being upgraded -- it's a work in progress.


HuffPost's anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist bias: Lara Logan gang-rape edition
(2/20/11) If HuffPost heard a report that 200 Jewish men kidnapped and gang-raped a female Muslim journalist, while shouting "MUSLIM!!! MUSLIM!!!," do you think it might give the story some coverage? Anyone who's paid attention to HuffPost, or to our deep documentation of its endemic anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist bias, knows with 100% certainty that it would give such a story 72pt red headline treatment (like this, or this) for a week.

We document the fact that HuffPost completely ignored reports that the 200 Egyptian men who kidnapped CBS correspondent Lara Logan shouted "JEW!!! JEW!!!" as they sexually assaulted her. We then correlate this decision to examples of HuffPost publicizing inflammatory allegations against Jews, for which it knows there is no proof, while at the same time ignoring documented acts and threats of savage violence against Jews by radical Islamists.


HuffPost's anti-Semitic, pro-jihadist bias -- Christmas edition
(12/30/10) HuffPost completely ignored Hamas's attacks on, and threats against Israel throughout December. Yet when Hamas declared a "cease-fire," HuffPost trumpeted this on its front page - putting the onus on Israel if it retaliates. HuffPost also ignored and buried the rash of other militant Islamist terror attacks around the world. (Wait til you see the nonsensical "news" stories that HuffPost decided were just a bit more important than these. )

This detailed report also documents the following facts:
(1) Whenever Israel is accused of wrongdoing, even without any evidence, HuffPost features it prominently on its front page, often in the most inflammatory possible way
(2) When the Jewish state does something noble, HuffPost gives it no notice whatsoever
(3) In doing all these things, HuffPost is willfully acting as a pro-jihadist, anti-Israel propaganda machine

Wildfires: For Hannukah, HuffPost spits in the faces of dead Jews and Israel (again)

(12/7/10) When the massive wildfire erupted in Israel on December 2 (the first night of Hanukkah) that killed 41 Jews who were racing to save Palestinians, HuffPost could have covered it with a fraction of the top-line coverage it devotes to instances in which Israel or Jews are accused of wrongdoing --- or in which disasters affect other nations.

Instead, it chose to continue its long, documented history of egregious anti-Semitic bias --- which included burying the story on a secondary page, and keep demoting under nonsensical "news" stories (right) -- just as news broke that several Arabs had been arrested for the fires, and an Islamist terror group was celebrating it.

What anti-Semitic bias? HuffPost buries plot to blow up Jewish synagogues in U.S. under list of "Top Jews," 7 stories about "Sanity" rally
(11/1/10) Within hours of an al Qaeda plot to bomb Jewish synagogues in Chicago being disrupted, CNN, the BBC, Fox News --- and even the terrorist-friendly, notorious Al-Jazeera --- were covering this story with gusto.

HuffPost --- a top-ten U.S. "news" source --- instead buried this story under others it judged to be of more importance --- including: (1) Seven stories about the previous day's "Rally To Restore Sanity," (2) A picture of a man with hundreds of face-piercings (right); (3) Two stories about a controversy over a magazine cover photo featuring Lee Ann Rimes; (4) "America's top Jews"; and (5) an actor who lit up a joint on a TV show.

Compare this to the top-line coverage that HuffPost gives practically any accusation against Israel or Jews, as documented elsewhere on this page, and one begins to grasp the level of betrayal represented by this editorial decision.

Ignoring Hamas outrages, HuffPost breaks own rules to allow hate-fest against Ariel Sharon
(10/19/10) Amidst its continuing pattern of ignoring Hamas's savagery against Jews --- while pushing pro-Hamas propaganda, and inciting anti-Israel hatred (nearby) --- HuffPost decided to assign one of its "journalists" to cover this ghoulish story as "news," which it published near the top of its World page.

And rather than enforcing its own rules against anti-Semitism and celebrating the ill or deceased, HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish a torrent of hate comments from its most notorious, long-term Jew-haters, including: "A sculpture of this war criminal is incomplete without drool and slobber. I can only hope he is aware of his surroundings enough to be suffering." - RubalKhali (6,400 comments; also see coverage of this user by our friends at HuffPostMonitor; still active as of February 2011, here)

More of HuffPost giving front-page, personalized coverage of Muslim deaths; Jewish victims of Muslim violence? Nope.
(10/4/10) A Muslim climbed over Israel's border wall, refused the IDF's orders to halt, and was shot.

HuffPost decided to post the story mid-way down its front page. The story page contained screen-wide pictures of his corpse, and funeral, along with his name and details about the incident. This is part of HuffPost's pattern of it giving prominent, personalized, pictorial coverage of Muslims who are alleged "victims" of Israel's actions.

Yet as we document in this article, this stands in stark contrast to the fact that HuffPost refuses to give mention to or post pictures of the Jewish victims of militant Islamists' violence.

HuffPost publishes inflammatory, one-sided account of discredited anti-Israel "report"; users unleash hate-fest (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
(10/3/10) This article dissects HuffPost's decision to run on its front page an extremely biased story, sourced from a radical leftist propaganda website, echoing the U.N. Human Rights Council's phony claim that the IDF "executed" a U.S. citizen.

Yet in the days and weeks prior, HuffPost completely ignored all the evidence that emerged which showed the illegitimacy of the UNHRC and its claims. Another predictable anti-Israel, anti-Semitic user hate-fest was incited --- and HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish some of the most egregiously-violating comments in its history.

If HuffPost decides to stop journalistically fellating Hamas...
(9/27/10) HuffPost's Middle East correspondent, Sharmaine Narwani, angrily reacted to users who pointed out that when she scored a three hour interview with the Hamas leader, she didn't ask him a single tough question, and seemed more of his PR stooge than a journalist.

Having documented how HuffPost and Narwani have shilled for Hamas, we suggest five questions HuffPost could ask this bloodthirsty savage, should it have another opportunity --- and wants to regain an iota of journalistic credibility.

HuffPost shills for al Qaeda and Hamas (again), while propagandizing against Israel and the U.S. (again)
(9/26/10) Within a three-day time frame, HuffPost's crack team of 53 "editors" made four decisions that further affirm its value to the cyber-jihad:
(1) To shill for al Qaeda, by depicting one of its top terrorists (right) as a victim, and by selectively editing a wire report to minimize her acts against the U.S.
(2) To publish an article decrying the sentence this al Qaeda operative was given, and containing inflammatory anti-U.S. military libels, for which there is zero proof
(3) To publish a blog article by the discredited Human Rights Watch, that dares to lecture Israel on "the rules of war" --- but doesn't mention any of Hamas's and Hezbollah's pathological war crimes
(4) To publish another fawning interview that its (HuffPost's) Middle East correspondent did with a top Hamas figure.

HuffPost shills for militant Islamists (again), spits in the faces of Jewish victims (again)
(9/22/10) A Palestinian was killed when he and a mob were attempting to murder an Israeli security guard. Riots erupted soon thereafter, in which Muslims injured scores of Israeli civilians and torching cars.

HuffPost's front-page story, however, insinuates that spontaneous "violence" erupted (by whom?) in Jerusalem, "clouding peace efforts." The clear implication here is that Israeli Jews are the obstruction to peace, the line that HuffPost almost invariably takes.

It gave border-to-border pictorial coverage of the corpse of the dead Muslim terrorist, and his funeral. Yet as we document in this article, this stands in stark contrast to the fact that HuffPost never mentions by name, or posts pictures of the Jewish victims of militant Islamists' violence, or their funerals.

HuffPost twists headline to incite hate against Israel, protect Hamas (again); predictable user hate-fest ensues; HuffPost: "Approved!!!"
(9/15/10) According to HuffPost's headline, Israel just up and attacked Gaza, out of the blue, right on the eve of peace talks. Wow, why would it do that?

In reality, Israel was responding to rockets being fired at its civilians by Hamas.
The same Hamas that has been relentlessly attacking and murdering Jewish civilians for the past few weeks --- but which HuffPost has refused to report on. And as we document, (a) HuffPost then made up a new headline that reversed the order of these incidents, indicating that Hamas was responding to Israeli attacks --- and (b) this is the third time in two years that HuffPost has pulled the exact same stunt.

Predictably, the cyber-jihadis that HuffPost attracts responded to this incitement with their usual volleys of anti-Semitic hate comments--- which it decided to publish, as usual.

HuffPost: Hitler as a Mouseketeer? "Put it on the front page!!!" Hamas rocket attacks and threats against Jews? "Pass..."
(9/14/10) Did you know that Hitler wanted to be a Mouseketeer? Neither did we.

But thankfully, after completely ignoring all the recent stories of Islamists' savage violence against Jews, HuffPost decided that this "story" should go on its front page.

And as we document, this is not the first time that HuffPost decided to humanize Hitler; rather, it has been a pattern for several years. This includes allowing one of its official article writers (bloggers) to claim that Hitler meant well while he was murdering six million Jews.

HuffPost: God says to Jews, "End your zealotry!!!," but celebrates Muslims "going green," while ignoring Islamists' savagery
(9/10/10) According to HuffPost, God's message to Jews during their high holy days was one of veiled condemnation: to "end (your) zealotry."

Did God have any message for Muslims, during Ramadan, according to HuffPost? Not exactly. He apparently has nothing to say about the estimated 10,000-plus acts of Islamist terror since 9/11.

But on the bright side, HuffPost apparently felt it was important to do more positive PR for Islam instead of ever even addressing its zealots. So in another act of egregious bias, for Ramadan, HuffPost only celebrated Muslims "going green."

HuffPost's pathological anti-Semitic bias: Children's edition

(9/10/10) Part 1 of this report documents repeated incidents in which HuffPost buried under trash stories or ignored news of Muslims' violent attacks on Jewish adults and children, their celebrations of same, and threats of more. In one incident, it buried a story of Hamas's mass murder of Jewish civilians under a fawning interview its Middle East correspondent did with Hamas's chief propagandist.

Part 2
, in contrast, documents repeated incidents in which HuffPost gave breathless, top-line coverage to Muslim children who were victimized by Israel defending itself from these attacks, and framed these stories using vicious anti-Israel libels.
Inset: 9 year old Hodoya Imes, at the funeral for her father and mother --- who was nine months pregnant --- who were targeted and murdered by Hamas in an ambush. HuffPost gave zero coverage to the funeral, even though this photo and others like it were readily available from its regular news sources.

HuffPost spits in eyes of murdered Israelis (again), shills for Hamas (again); cyber-jihadis unleash hate-fest (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
(8/31/10) HuffPost initially posted the story of Hamas's murder of four Jewish civilians --- including a mother of six who was nine months pregnant --- deep on a secondary page, beneath stories it decided were of far greater importance. These stories included a fawning interview that its Middle East correspondent conducted with Hamas's chief propagandist, in which she asked him why he thinks the West doesn't make Hamas "a partner" in the peace process --- but not a single tough question, about anything.

It then moved the story briefly to the front page, then removed it altogether, so it could make room for stories it judged to be of far greater importance, including an injured elephant, and Churchill's belief in UFOs --- both of which it left posted for an entire week.

As if that weren't enough, HuffPost also reviewed, approved and decided to publish user comments such as:
"isreal [sic; is] finally getting a taste of its own medicine"

Also see: 9/1/10 onward: Updates on HuffPost's (mis)coverage of Hamas slaughter of Israeli Jews

HuffPost spits in the eye of a murdered IDF officer, Israel and Jews everywhere --- while deep-kissing Lebanon and Hezbollah
(8/23/10) When news of Lebanon's murder of a beloved IDF officer emerged, to replace the initial reports that it was defending itself from Israeli aggression, HuffPost had a choice to make. It could to continue its pattern of anti-Israel bias. Or, it could begin to change, to cover this story with gusto, and present the human interest side of it, as it does with "victims" of (supposed) Israeli wrongdoing.

As this report documents, HuffPost not only decided to continue its egregious double-standards when it comes to Israel and Jews, it made decisions that amounted to journalistically spitting in the eye of the IDF officer, Israel and Jews everywhere --- while effectively letting Lebanon and Hezbollah completely off the hook for this atrocity.

Also see follow-up:
8/26/10: UNIFIL issues report on border shooting; HuffPost spits in the eye of Lt. Col. Harari, et al, a second time

IDF soldier posts photos with detainees. HuffPost: Outrageous!!! Give it top coverage!!! (But let's keep ignoring Islamist threats, murder)
(8/16/10) HuffPost decided to give top-line, front-page coverage to the story of an ex-IDF officer who took a picture with blindfolded Palestinian detainees.

This editorial decision, coupled with HuffPost's the fact that HuffPost pathologically ignores genocidal threats and actions against Jews by Hamas and Hezbollah, can serve only to advance the cyber-jihad.

And even though HuffPost claims it prohibits and will not publish user comments containing anti-Semitic or ethnic libels, or conspiracy theories, we show that it reviewed, approved and published a torrent of them on this thread, many from long-term users.

HuffPost again devalues the Holocaust: Writer stereotypes Jews, insinuates gay marriage opponents are Nazis

(8/7/10) HuffPost decided to disguise a hate-filled blog article (an opinion piece) as a news story, which alleged --- among other inflammatory things --- that "Jews should rejoice at the overturning of Proposition 8."

Why does the blogger assert this? Because, he says, gays were also victimized by the Nazis at Auschwitz. Yes, really.

HuffPost further allowed the writer to claim he speaks for Jews across America, and to make blanket assertions regarding "what Jews believe," for which he provides no evidence.

Is HuffPost even more anti-Israel than Al-Jazeera? Yes
(7/31/10) HuffPost obtained a story from the AP about how, in response to Hamas rocket attacks on its civilian centers, Israel launched an airstrike that killed Hamas's top rocket maker.

It chose, however, to change the AP's headline in such a way that simultaneously humanized the rocket maker, by referring to him as a "leader," and vilified Israel, by implying that it assassinated a political figure.

News outlets around the world --- and even the jihadists' favorite propaganda organ, Al-Jazeera --- played the story "straight," by referring to this Hamas terrorist as its top rocket-maker. Only an internal Palestinian "news" agency played the story with more of an anti-Israel bias than HuffPost.

"I Am Israel," Hezbollah's threats, and HuffPost's blackout
(7/12/10) An accounting of the stories
that HuffPost is systematically ignoring, regarding the growing threats that Hezbollah and Hamas pose to Israel --- and the nonsensical stories that it decides to publish on its front page instead.

Yet as shown elsewhere on this page, the moment Israel or a Jew is accused of any wrongdoing, even without any evidence, HuffPost rushes to put it on the front page. No wonder Ahmadinejad must love Arianna.

This article also features a moving video, "I Am Israel," which HuffPost would never show, because it depicts Middle East affairs through a prism that challenges its Israel-is-always-wrong narrative --- which even Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz pointed out.

In defense of "Zombie"; A chronicle of HuffPost's pathological anti-Semitic bias in picture choices and editing
(7/7/10) “Zombie” is an anonymous blogger who regularly infiltrates, photographs and writes about demonstrations held by radical leftists and radical Islamists in the San Francisco area, in which overt anti-Semitic hate and libels are openly espoused. He/she has now raised a question that is drawing some fairly serious scorn, and as it deals with something we're uniquely qualified to comment on: whether or not HuffPost deliberately cropped a picture of Israeli PM Netanyahu to give him "devil horns." A detailed analysis of this incident, and how it relates to HuffPost's long history of using pictures to smear Israel and Jews.

Holocaust refugees = militant Islamists? Apparently to HuffPost, YES
(6/7/10) Just when one might have thought that HuffPost's moral depravity and jihadist-appeasement over the "Peace Flotilla" could sink no lower... along comes its decision to publish this glittering jewel of insane equivocation, disguised as a "news" story, near the top of its front page:

The allegation that militant Islamists who attempted to murder IDF soldiers aboard the "Flotilla of Terror" are no different than Holocaust survivors.

But then again, this is the same HuffPost that published an article that claimed George Bush is worse than Hitler, because at least Hitler actually believed he was doing good by exterminating Jews. Yes, really.

HuffPost publishes incendiary anti-Semitic libels (again) --- this time, from one of its own "reporters"
(6/6/10) Is Israel really attempting "to exterminate Palestinians... through starvation"?

If you say, "Of course not!! Who, aside from Al Qaeda or Hamas, would make such a stupid, libelous, anti-Semitic accusation?," welcome to reality.

But beware: your grasp on reality puts you directly at odds with the Huffington Post --- the ultimate arbiter of truth and morality --- and one of its top Washington "reporters," Jason Linkins, who made that exact statement in his top-of-the-front page rant.

And even though we know for a fact that HuffPost's senior management received at least twelve complaint emails about this outrage, it did nothing --- no apology, no retraction, nothing --- and Linkins is still on the payroll, spewing his hate.

6/2/10: HuffPost's total blackout of "the rest of the story" regarding the "Peace Flotilla"
HuffPost accepted and broadcast to the world, without criticism or analysis, depictions of the "peace flotilla" that made Israel's military look like barbarians. Yet when video proof, eyewitness accounts, and research by top analysts emerged that demonstrated this entire event was staged by, and in conjunction with groups that have documented ties to Islamist terror, HuffPost refused to even acknowledge the existence of anything that showed the "inconvenient truth" of its earlier "reporting."

4/7/10: The HuffPost-PallyWood propaganda machine, unplugged
Nearly 70% of Palestinians voiced their support in 2009 for suicide bombings. Yet HuffPost had the gall to post the following as its front-page splash headline. Don't miss our sarcastic take on it --- and a chronology of all the stories that HuffPost had been ignoring, in order to perpetrate this Hamas-emboldening fraud:

4/1/10: HuffPost: "Israel bombs Gaza" Really? Of course not. User hate-fest erupts (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
That was the headline of the story HuffPost ran on its front page. In reality, the IDF was responding to Hamas rocket attacks, and using precision guided missiles, took out several weapons factories in densely-populated residential area in Gaza, without killing a single civilian.

3/7/10: HuffPost's total blackout of Israel's heroic relief efforts in Haiti

When Israel is accused of some wrongdoing, as the long list below shows, it's a good bet that HuffPost will not only feature the story prominently, it may well manipulate the headline to make it even more incendiary or misleading. Or, it will generate a headline that accuses Israel or Jews of something, on a false or misleading basis. So what do you think HuffPost did when Israel accomplished something so extraordinarily positive that it earned the admiring coverage of the world media (including those that HuffPost routinely relies upon for Middle East news)? This special report documents the fact that HuffPost completely ignored the story... day after day, week after week --- while at the same time, prominently promoting its standard fare of Israel-bashing, Islamist-sympathizing, and nonsensical "news" stories.

2/17/10: HuffPost manipulates headline to falsely incriminate Israel in assassination (Users unleash hate; HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
After ignoring credible reports from news sources it regularly relies upon, HuffPost published a severely biased account of the recent assassination of a top Hamas terror operative. It created two incendiary, deceptive headlines that could only lead to the incitement of hatred of Israel, on unproven grounds. Users responded to this incitement by submitting comments containing hatred, libels and conspiracy theories against Israel, and support of Iran and the Palestinians --- which HuffPost dutifully reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

1/27/10: HuffPost twists crime story to focus on irrelevant Jewish aspect; users unleash anti-Semitic hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
This article documents the fact that HuffPost (1) falsely manipulated a news story headline in a way that could only serve to incite and reinforce anti-Semitic stereotypes and hatred, (2) decided to publish explicitly anti-Semitic hate comments in response to this incitement, and (3) protected the perpetrators of such comments.


12/11/09: HuffPost publishes rant against Mrs. Lieberman to undermine Sen. Lieberman (User hate erupts: HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
Is it fair to petition for the firing of a woman from her job based on the alleged sins of her husband? To most fair-minded people and especially feminists, the answer would be an emphatic "no!" But on this day, HuffPost published as a "news story" a screed by a hate-blogger against Mrs. Lieberman, urging the cancer foundation she works for to fire her, because Sen. Lieberman is not marching in lock-step with the Democratic Party's healthcare reform proposals.

10/27/09: Lieberman acts independently, incites HuffPost's biased wrath and its users' anti-Semitic venom (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
A detailed analysis of how HuffPost chose to (1) isolate and vilify Sen. Lieberman from among other U.S. Senators who were speaking out against the Democrats' plans for healthcare reform, then (2) review, approve and decide to publish anti-Semitic and ad hominem insults against him --- including conspiracy theories --- which are (supposedly) prohibited by its comment policy.

(10/21/09) HuffPost's ongoing blackout of credible rebuttals to the anti-Israel stories it publishes
Since the egregiously-biased Goldstone Report was published, HuffPost has routinely published "news" stories that support it, on its front page. Yet when one source after another produced detailed rebuttals to these libels, HuffPost has chosen either to not publish them --- or, in a few token cases, "buried" them in positions well away from the its readers' immediate focus. This article also documents HuffPost's willingness to put anti-Israel propaganda by Human Rights Watch on its front page --- yet no stories documenting this organization's anti-Semitism and corruption, including even a scathing indictment of it by its founder.

10/14/09: Gazans paint donkeys to look like zebras; it's all Israel's fault
Yet another example of HuffPost propagating the notion that whatever happens in Gaza is naturally Israel's fault --- in this case, zookeepers who condemned two donkeys to a slow, painful death, by painting them to look like zebras, because Israel is preventing all but basic humanitarian supplies from entering the area, in its efforts to stop Hamas terrorism against its civilians. Predictably, anti-Israel hate commenters were out in force as a result of this incitement, and were approved and published by HuffPost.

9/24/09: HuffPost's blackout of Netanyahu's blockbuster speech at the U.N.
On September 23, there were two notable speeches at the U.N. Israeli PM Netanyahu gave a passionate, fact-based, point-by-point rebuttal to the most egregious libels to which the State of Israel, its military, and the Jewish people in general, have been subjected in recent years. Libyan dictator and madman Moammar Gaddafi gave a 95-minute rant. Guess which speech HuffPost put near the top of its front page, and asked whether it contained "valid points" --- and which it refused to even acknowledge the existence of? Need you ask?

9/16/09: HuffPost runs another al-Jazeera libel against Israel; users unleash hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
On its front page, HuffPost ran a story straight from the notorious, terrorist-celebrating al-Jazeera, entitled "Female Palestinian Inmates Claim Israeli Guards 'Humiliated' Them." There was no way to verify any of this, and given the "Pallywood" precedents, and al-Jazeera's willingness to act as a propagandist for radical Islam, no reputable "newspaper" would run such a story. Not only did HuffPost do so, it also approved vicious user comments based on the speculation that the story must be true.

8/23/09: Grossly misleading headline about Sen. Lieberman, incites user hate comments (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
Sen. Joe Lieberman said that given the conflict in the Senate over healthcare reform proposals, it would probably be better to pass legislation that accomplishes 75% of its stated goals, leaving the rest until after the recession eases. Another Senator said it would be better to scrap the whole thing until then. So how did HuffPost "play" the story? With a top-line splash headline, "Lieberman: Uninsured Can Wait Until Recession Is Over." Predictably, this headline incited a slew of hate comments against Sen. Lieberman, including anti-Semitic libels and conspiracy theories --- which HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

8/19/09: HuffPost publishes anti-Semitic blood libel without any proof; users unleash anti-Semitic hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

HuffPost chose to publish, on its front page and as teasers atop its main story pages, the Swedish newspaper blood libel that Israeli soldiers are murdering Palestinians to harvest their organs (with a possible link to U.S. Jews). The story itself revealed that the reporter had "no idea, no clue" if the allegations are true. Turns out the Palestinian family denied making them --- and it's medically impossible, anyway. Another instance of HuffPost's shoddy "journalism," and of it inciting --- then approving --- vicious anti-Semitic libels and conspiracy theories in its user comments.

8/4/09: Misleading headline sourced from... Al Jazeera (ill-informed, hateful comments ensue; HuffPost: Approved!!!")

What happens when HuffPost chooses to source a story concerning Palestinian evictions only from the notorious, terrorist-celebrating Al Jazeera --- then allows users to comment on it? This.

8/1/09: Hamas: "Hello, HuffPost? Yes, we have a new cuddly picture of our chief terrorist for you." (HuffPost: "Thanks!!!")
A continuation of HuffPost's use of the most favorable pictures possible to depict notorious Islamist terrorists (1, 2), while using a very different approach to selecting and editing pictures of Israeli leaders.

7/31/09: Official blogger Roseanne Barr dresses up as Hitler, puts "Jews" in oven (HuffPost: "You're not fired!!!")
Although Barr did not pull this stunt on HuffPost, within hours it was all over the blogosphere. HuffPost claims it has "zero tolerance for hate speech," and wishes to create an environment of "respect," yet it has allowed this notorious anti-Semite to maintain her official blog there.

7/14/09: Blaring, misleading headline incites anti-Israel hate, libels (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
The UK canceled less than 3% of its military support contracts with Israel. Yet HuffPost's screaming headline and imagery created a very different perception, as evidenced in the hateful, ill-informed comments that it allowed to flood the thread.

7/13/09: The anti-Hamas story that HuffPost didn't publish
Whenever Israel is accused of doing anything that any biased group considers wrong, it gets prominent coverage at HuffPost. Yet when "human rights groups" issued a rare condemnation of Hamas for committing war crimes --- a statement featured in another story the same day at HuffPost (above) --- it gave it no coverage at all.

7/13/09: Obama meets with Jewish leaders; users unleash hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
Responding to concerns that he is demanding more from Israelis than Palestinians in the quest for peace, Obama sat down with Jewish civic leaders and discussed the matter, in what seems to be a civil fashion. Predictably, the comments that HuffPost allowed to consume this thread reflected the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hatred, libels and conspiracy theories that have become standard fare on the site.

7/13/09: Israel nabs KKK leader; users unleash anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-GOP hate, libels (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
Bet you didn't know that Israelis and Jews are the new racists, as bad as the Ku Klux Klan, did you? See how much you miss by not learning from the user comments that HuffPost reviews, approves and decides to publish?

7/6/09: HuffPost covers for a reporter's incompetence* in Israel (*or worse)
HuffPost's prominent teaser headline claimed that a "seasoned" reporter was assaulted by ultra-Orthodox Jews at a demonstration in Israel. Why would it choose to use this word --- and is the story even true? A look at the story "behind the story" that a first-year journalism student could determine undermines every claim in it, but which HuffPost failed to cite.

5/29/09: Using a biased Arabic "news" source to present a distorted account of a terror suspect killed by the IDF
HuffPost used a demonstrably biased Arabic "news" source over credible sources to insinuate that the Israeli military murdered an individual described as an "activist." The real story, which was widely available 24 hours earlier, provided the facts. Predictably, the comments that HuffPost approved on this thread contain anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hate, libels and conspiracy theories.

5/20/09 onward: Pathological photo-bias re Netanyahu, Ahmadinejad
A detailed photo-essay chronicling the fact that when the Iranian madman is featured at HuffPost, he is routinely depicted as a smiling, benevolent, or Che-like orator. Yet HuffPost routinely depicts Netanyahu as sinister-looking --- both in the pictures of him it chooses to use, and the way in which it crops them.

5/16/09: Telling half-truths about Netenyahu approval rating
Propaganda usually contains some carefully-selected kernel of truth, wrapped up in a lot of fluff to advance one's biases. In this case, HuffPost used selected, decontextualized polls to support the contention implied its headline --- while ignoring other, readily-available numbers that would have provided a far more accurate context, but would also have undermined its bias.

5/13/09: (Kennedy-esque) Obama "warns" (sinister-looking) Netenyahu; predictable Israel-hatred ensues (with approval!!!)
The first glaring example of this bias that Huff-Watch documented, but which is now a continuing staple. Predictably, the comments that HuffPost allowed to be posted on this thread reflected anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hatred, libels and conspiracy theories.

4/8/09: One-sided coverage of "Outlandish Statements" from the Middle East
When a member of the Israeli government makes controversial statements, it makes the front page of HuffPost. When Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah or any other militant Islamist group makes statements that urge and justify the mass murder of Jews, HuffPost either doesn't report them, or at a minimum, only does so with very little fanfare.

4/2/09: Ax murder of an Israeli child: Who said it - A terrorist spokesman, or HuffPost users (with approval)?
One of the most grievous , shameful examples of the different approaches that HuffPost takes to covering a murder story --- and its (supposed) comment moderation standards --- depending on the religion and nationality of the victim, and the perpetrator.

Also: 4/2/09: Ax murder of Shlomo Nativ - A grim addendum
A detailed follow-up on the above story, showing further disparities in how HuffPost presents stories concerning victims of violent crimes in the Middle East, in both words and pictures.

3/29/09: MSM starts backpedaling on IDF "atrocities." Will HuffPost?
During and after Operation Cast Lead, HuffPost reported --- often in blaring front-page headlines --- many if not most of the allegations that Israel was committing "war crimes" in its efforts to stop Hamas from perpetrating terrorist acts. When these allegations turned out to be fabrications or maliciously overblown, and some of the original sources began retracting their claims, HuffPost either didn't cover these stories, or buried them deep beyond the view of the casual reader.

3/19/09: Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and even a "HEIL HITLER" too!!! (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
In response to an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory comment, HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish a huge "HEIL HITLER" from another user. It then allowed both users to continue to post their hate, day after day --- the first, under his original screen name the second, under a slightly modified one. This occurred while HuffPost was fast-banning other, non-violating users who dare to stand up to the radical leftists that it has enabled and protected --- in some cases, for years.

3/19/09: HuffPost users: Israelis are evil --- because prez is accused of rape (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
Another example of HuffPost allowing its users to unleash their hatred, in response to an isolated incident.

3/12/09: Israeli hiker death story spurs anti-Israel hatred (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")
Another example of HuffPost allowing its users to unleash their hatred, in response to this tragic accident.

3/11/09: Fomenting anti-Israel hatred by telling only one side of the Charles Freeman withdrawal story
HuffPost routinely provides timely updates to its stories, both the vital and inconsequential ones. Yet when Freeman withdrew his nomination to a top national security post in the Obama administration, and blamed it all on the Jews, HuffPost did not post a single update to document the broad, bipartisan opposition to him in Congress, and the reasons behind it. Predictably, HuffPost then reviewed, approved and decided to publish the outpouring of anti-Semitic hate comments that this biased coverage resulted in.

The ultimate, sustained climax of HuffPost's biased, inflammatory coverage of Israel's efforts to defend itself against Islamist terror, and the collateral damage that was caused by Hamas's actions. Detailed documentation of how HuffPost incited Israel hatred --- and the myriad comments that it reviewed, approved and decided to publish containing anti-Semitic hatred, libels, conspiracy theories and even threats.

Operation Cast Lead Archive 1: Dec. 27 - Jan. 4

Operation Cast Lead Archive 2: Jan. 5-20


5/23/08: Grossly misleading headline re Israeli Air Force foments torrent of hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

Tony Blair's plane entered Israeli air space without identifying itself, and failed to respond to demands that it do so. In contrast to the honest ways that other news sources depicted this incident, HuffPost played this story as if Israel's actions were all at fault --- and that it almost mistakenly shot down the plane, due to its own supposed ineptitude. Predictably, HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish numerous user comments containing anti-Israel hatred, libels and conspiracy theories.


4/6/07: Decontextualized headline re IDF retaliation against terrorists incites Israel- and Jew-hate, blood libels, etc.
Another egregious example of how HuffPost tells only half of a story concerning Israel's efforts to defend itself against Islamist terror, then reviews, approves and decides to publish user comments containing anti-Israel hatred, libels and conspiracy theories --- and allows them to remain active users for years.

3/12/07: Using a fake picture to further humiliate, smear a gay Israeli ambassador
Actual photos of an Israeli ambassador caught in an embarrassing situation were readily available on the Web. Instead of using them, however, HuffPost chose to invest its time to dig up and use a photo that was not of him, and which could only serve to further humiltate him --- and as an extension, Israel.


2/2/06: HuffPost blogger depicts Sen. Lieberman in blackface (HuffPost: "You're NOT fired!!!
What do you think would be the reaction at HuffPost if a right-wing site depicted a prominent liberal Jewish figure in blackface? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Steven Spielberg? So what happened when HuffPost allowed one of its official bloggers to depict Sen. Joe Lieberman in blackface?


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